Shadow Invasion
Kierstin, Age 14, Logan, OH

The silver heart necklace tumbled out of his hands…hitting the wooden floor with a light thud, while he was looking up. He felt the girl’s presence from across the room; she was staring at him with an interested look in her eyes. She’s never actually talked to him before, but then again he’s never given her the chance to talk to him.

It was just too hard to ignore her, but he tried to suffer through it. He could tell that ignoring her wasn’t going to work this time. She was already walking toward him.

Standing there, he watched as she bent down to pick up the necklace and held out her hand for him to grab it. “It’s pretty,” Rayne said, as he grabbed it out of her hand.

“Thanks Rayne,” Eric said nervously. Why did it have to be her?

“You know, you don’t have to be afraid of me?”

He didn’t know how to answer that, so he just said “yeah.” The truth was that he wasn’t afraid of her. He, being a vampire, was afraid of what he could do to her.

She stood there eye brow arched up. “Uh, see you later,” was all she had to say to him. “Great, now she thinks I’m stupid,” was his thought.

She was telepathic; reading his thoughts, she chuckled. If only he knew what she was. Walking home, all she could think about was Shadow Invasion, a book. It had been about a year since she had last read it. It was a book about her power and how to control it. Her father, Damon, actually wrote the book. He’s a psychiatrist.

Damon, her father, was at home, when she got there, as usual. “Did you talk to him?” he asked in his deep voice.

“Yes, but not about that,” was all she could say to him. It was like a failure. Leaving the room was the best idea at the moment; turning the corner to go down the stairs, she ended up in her purple room lying across her Victorian style bed.

Then--on second thought--she got up and opened the closet door. Where to start? It was a mess, but it was where the book was. So, she started in the back.

The next day, Eric walked into the one and only class he had with Rayne. There was a black velvet package on his desk in the shape of a book. Eric opened the package. It was a book. There was no letter or name attached. He flipped through a couple of pages; it seemed like a threat. The hairs rising on the back of his neck, he wondered who could know.

He looked around. Everybody was working except Rayne, who was looking at him intensely like she knew everything. After he acknowledged her gaze, she returned to doing her work.

He didn’t get any work done. As soon as the bell rang, he planned to take her aside, but she already was walking out the door. He called out her name once they were outside, but she kept on walking, looked back and smiled.

There was no choice but to follow. They came to the side of an alley; he looked around, no one. Good. Doing flash step, vampire speed, he went to grab her, but when he reached out she wasn’t there. She was down the alley next to the dead end sign.

“Are we going to play chase the girl? Or are we going to talk?” she said in a serious tone.

“Fine, let’s talk. What are you, and how did you know?”

“I’m a vampire, so obviously I would know that you’re one too. The reason why you didn’t notice that I was a vampire is probably because you always tried to ignore me and stay away from me. Sure my name is Rayne Dracula, but it’s not Van Helsing; I'm definitely not a vampire slayer. However, I also don’t drink blood like you do, so I have a different scent.”

“How can you not drink blood? There’s no way that you could survive.”

“It’s all in the book. Everything is pretty much a myth. So, when you first find out that you’re a vampire, you’re scared. You believe all the myths and that makes you more vulnerable. The truth is they are just that, myths. We’re ordinary people with special powers. Some powers vary, yes, but we are people, not monsters.”

“I had no idea.” It was a big shock to him. He had to lean against the brick wall behind him to steady himself. So he really he didn’t have to harm those people? The only reason he did harm them was to survive. It made him sick.

“By the way, that necklace, it’s of pure heart. So choose what you want to choose,” Rayne said in her vibrant voice, walking away. Her goal was to help others like her. She didn't fail; now she could really sleep like the dead. It’s really amazing how people never consider the words of David Lance Goines: “Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

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