The Test
Daniel, Age 13, OH

Tomorrow was the day that Kyle had been dreading. He had the biggest test ever. He never studies for tests but for this he had to make an exception. It was so important that the teacher said it alone was worth 50% of his final grade.

That night before the test he stayed up past midnight studying. He woke up the morning of the test not wanting to get out of bed. But he had no other choice so he got up and got ready for school.

He got to school and went to his first period. He was just hoping some problem would come up that would prevent him from taking the test. But no such luck. The teacher walked in and the class got quiet. Once everyone had gotten the test, she said, "Okay, everybody, take out your #2 pencils and you may begin. You will have three hours to complete the test."

He started reading the directions. The last part said to make sure to read each question before starting the test. He thought this was unnecessary, but he didnít want to mess up so he began looking through the test. He read each question.

As he was reading the questions he started getting nervous. He didnít think he had the answers to half them. As he got closer to the end he was sure he was going to fail. That is until he got to the last question, which read "Turn back to the front page and turn your test in blank." He did what it said and noticed that he was the only one; everyone else had just started answering the questions. So the real test was who could follow directions, and he was the only one who passed.

When everyone else finished the test, they all felt stupid for not following the directions. And the teacher announced that she wasn't really taking a grade for it; she just wanted to know who could follow directions. But she did give Kyle extra credit.

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