The Toffee of Doom
Kaylee, Age 8, Perth, Western Australia

Now some people say that if you eat a toffee, you will turn into a frill-neck lizard. But of course I didn't believe that statement. Well, I didn't believe it until what I heard today at school. This guy Luke was absent and all the kids were wondering where he was. Usually if someone was sick, you'd hardly even notice it. But Luke has never missed a single day of school since kindy. And now he is in year 8. The teachers had been acting all secretive the whole day. Finally, one kid in social studies class plucked up the courage and asked the teacher if he knew where Luke was. He eventually gave in and told everyone that Luke had eaten a toffee and turned into a frill-neck lizard. Everybody gasped.
And that is the story that has been passed down for generations at Crewton High school. And that is why I now lead a lonely life munching on leaves and almost getting killed by giant shoes nearly standing on me.

Yes, that's right. I am Luke.

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