The Wrestling Babies
Kaylee and Tara, Age 9, Perth, Western Australia

It was a stormy afternoon. The wind was screeching and branches from trees were scraping against the windows. Luke and I pressed our noses against the glass and listened to the dogs from next door howl. Lightning flashed in our eyes and thunder rumbled which made us jump. We huddled closely together and wrapped our coats round our shivering bodies. Then we saw a big, scary horned creature lurk up behind us and we screamed for our lives.

"Relax, it's just me."

We turned around in fear and saw the horny creature was Dad carrying a torch. At that moment the lights went out and Dad switched on the flashlight. We realized the horn was Dad's tie flapping up in the wind.

"Hey, I was thinking and maybe we could go see... the BABIES' WRESTLING MATCH TONIGHT!?" he yelled.

"Um, why would we say no?" We squealed in unison. So that night we drove to the big red tent. It was so funny. We saw our favourite, the big one, Big Baby Bob, and our enemy, his nemesis, Tough Tom, but nobody thought he was so tough (he was tiny!) until the end of the night. Luke, Dad, and I got popcorn, took our seats and waited for the show to start. We spilled half the buckets of popcorn on the people in front of us because we were so excited and nervous at the same time, but we knew our side (Big Baby Bob) was going to win.

Then the lights went dim and everyone grew silent. The show had begun! The babies staggered into the ring wearing rubber underpants and the crowd went wild cheering the babies on. Then I spotted a small booth by the side of the tent bearing the sign "Vote for your favourite baby and you could win a million dollars!" I ran over to it and bet that Big Baby Bob would win. The guy sighed but reluctantly agreed. The crowd suddenly went crazy! What on Earth had I missed? I spun around. I couldn't believe it! Tough Tom was giving Big Baby Bob a black eye! He had won! Now I had to pay the stupid guy a million bucks! The guy at the booth cheered. And that is the story my dad told me three years ago. That's right. I am Tough Tom. My own dad had betrayed me. And his punishment, well let's just put it this way. He still hasn't been able to pay off his bet.

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