Sea Adventure
Grace, Age 10, Taiwan

Elizabeth, who was sweet, helpful and gentle, was also known as Beth. She had long blonde hair that flowed down in perfect curls. Beth had big sea blue eyes that sparkled in the sun. Her nose was small, but her teeth were pure white. She always called her parents Mum and Dad, nothing else. Beth usually wore a white shirt, blue skirt and a shiny sliver jacket. But she didn’t know who she was. Was she a mermaid, a monster, an animal or a human?

One early morning, Beth’s mum was going to the beach.

“I’m going to the beach dear,” whispered Mum, as quiet as a sneaky little mouse. Mum left before the sunrise. But Beth’s mum didn’t say she was going on a boat ride. Instead she said she was going to the beach. For a few days Mum didn’t come back. Beth decided to search for Mum, but she couldn’t find her. Then something caught her eyes. Mum’s favorite hat, soaked wet on the surface of the sea. Still Mum was nowhere to be seen. Beth told Dad. Dad said worriedly, “We better start searching Mum on the sea instantly!”

In the Atlantic Ocean there was a cave where there lived a monster with tentacles that could make people unconscious when it touched them. The monster had eyes that glowed in the dark. This monster was the monster that had wrecked the boat. In the stone cage Beth’s mum lay unconscious and looked pale. She was lying in the darkness with a mermaid’s tail like a prisoner. Beth's mum was the monster's dinner.

“Dad,” asked Beth, “Do you believe in Neptune the god of sea?”

“Yes,” Dad replied. “Why?”

“I was wondering if we could go to Neptune and ask for help! Can we...please?” begged Beth.

“Oh right then, what are you waiting for?” muttered Dad.

They sat on a lifeboat and found the entrance to Neptune’s kingdom. The kingdom was covered with rare jewels, sea shells that shone in the underwater gloom. Beth and Dad stopped in the entrance. Beth couldn’t move from the lovely sight.

“We want to see Neptune or you say Poseidon!” asked Dad bravely and loudly.

“Wait,” said a voice. “You may enter!”

When they entered the golden gate, the gate slammed shut behind. Beth and Dad couldn’t go back. They just had to keep going. Beth and Dad went past a few outstanding doors. The last door was covered in pearls. It was wide open and there sat Neptune on a large throne made out of silver and covered with precious jewels.

“Wow!” gasped Beth. “Wow!”

“Speak to me. Why are you here?” demanded Neptune impatiently.

Dad explained that they were there because Mum was lost. Neptune felt sad because his wife had been so pleasant to him.

Then Neptune murmured, “I will give you a magic pearl when you say &#61548.
It will capture anyone. Don’t worry It will just capture monsters.”

Giving them the pearl, Neptune sent Beth and Dad away.

As they were sailing, Beth kept on checking to see if the pearl was still in her coat pocket. Suddenly, Beth and Dad got lost while Mum was pleading for help. During the struggles, Beth and Dad managed to arrive to the monster’s cave. The smell of rotten eggs filled the air. The cave was dark and creepy, which made the hair on Beth back stand. Beth and Dad went in the cave. Then there was a low growl.

Beth screamed in horror. The cave shook wildly.

Her dad said by heart, “Don’t be afraid. Your family is here - if you die all of us will be DEAD!”

So Beth had a positive feeling to move on and on. Dad and Beth hardly saw the monster because of the thick mist. Beth saw black filthy scales. YUCK!!!!! Beside the monster, Beth saw her mother with a long fish tail.

Beth was shocked and paralyzed. She heard the monster roar. That brought her back to earth. All of a sudden, Beth remembers the pearl. Beth also remembered the curse: “&#61548.”
Beth said it out loudly. The pearl glowed in brilliant silver. Then there came a flash of light, and everything was still and peaceful.

The monster was gone. Dad ran to Mum and checked if she was alright. Beth followed, but she didn’t believe what she saw.

Mum spoke, “Beth I always tried to tell you that I was half mermaid. But part of me always stopped me.”

“So that means I’m half mermaid half human,” asked Beth nervously.

“Yes dear” replied mum.

“AHEM? Let’s go!!!” Dad announced. “On a boat or maybe let’s have a swim while we go to Neptune and return the pearl.

Then they gave the pearl back to Neptune, and they went home. Mum said she would always try to stay home with Dad and Beth. As long as they lived, they were happy and safe...and never apart.

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