"A" for Awesome
Alexis, Age 14, Lafayette, LA

It was when Bailey and I were walking down the ramp from the Comeaux High bleachers that I saw the cutest guy in the world, Bryce. I looked at Bailey and laughed. "I want you to push me into Bryce...lightly. I don't want a repeat of Brandon." She bust out laughing.

"Okay, will do."

As we were about to pass him, I bust out laughing for no reason. Bryce and his friend looked at me for five seconds, then started talking again. We walked closer to them and tried not to make it obvious. "Now," I whispered to her.

She laughed and pushed me hard as she could. "That's not funny!" I flew into Bryce, who flew into his friend. I looked at Bailey like she was nuts.

"What the heck," I mouthed to her. I turned to Bryce, who was trying not to laugh. "I'm so sorry. I hope I didn't hurt you or anything."

He smiled a very sexy, gorgeous smile. "No. I'm fine," he said laughing.

He turned to start talking to his friend again. "I'm sorry. But I think I've seen you before." He looked at me like I was stupid and looked around the school. "No, I know I've probably seen you around school somewhere, but I mean other than that."

Just then Bailey walked up. She wasn't thinking at all. "That's Bryce. Duh!"

I looked at her with wide eyes as in to tell her to shut up. "That's not Bryce! Bryce goes to Lafayette. Duh!" I tried to imitate her when I said duh.

"No, that is my name," Bryce said. I realized he probably thought I was stupid or something right now.

I pretended to think for a minute. "I know where I've seen you! You watch some of the Magic Moods practices!" His friend looked at him for a moment with a smile on his face as if to say "Busted."

"And you're Virginia and Keana's friend. I've seen you watching me at step team practice from the windows."

I blushed a little. "I was actually watching Ross, but I guess I can watch you, too, next time." I really was watching him, though. "I'm Lexi."

"Then why is there an A on your bow?"

"It stands for Awesome, duh." We all started laughing. "My name is Alexis, but I like to be called Lexi."

"Oh. That would make sense."

"Well, I guess I'll see you later. Bye Bryce!" He fake waved as we walked away. I was definitely going to see a lot more of him - I would make sure of it.

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