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David Walliams. The Boy in the Dress
Harper Collins $19.99 ISBN 978-0-00-727903-6 232 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

Dennis caught his breath. What had he said? In all the excitement of being with Lisa his tongue was running away with itself.

Dennis is different and he knows it! But how? To everyone else he is just a normal kid who is an amazing soccer player and lives with his brother and dad. Then one day Dennis finds himself in detention. It turns out that one of the most beautiful girls in his whole school is in detention with him. Dennis is captivated by her. But when Lisa asks him to walk her home after detention, Dennis is speechless. Dennis agrees to, and on the walk home Dennis lets slip that he likes Vogue, a girls' fashion magazine. When Lisa hears this, she says that she thinks that itís cool, because she reads Vogue too! Then Lisa suggests something that is absolutely absurd. She thinks that it would be cool if Dennis went over to her house to try on some dresses that sheís made and that perhaps maybe Dennis could dress up as a girl and they could see if anybody would notice that it was him. But if Dennis goes along with the plan and someone finds out, what would become of him??

HILARIOUS!!!! That was such a funny book. Kind of random at parts, but it kept you captivated because you really had no idea what was going to happen next. It was one of those quick reads that usually donít have much of a storyline, but The Boy in the Dress definitely did and it was very entertaining! The illustrator of The Boy in the Dress, Quentin Blake, drew some amazing pictures; even though there werenít very many pictures, they made the book even funnier. Dennis is a very creative character with SO much personality. He is funny, clueless and makes a splendid girl and boy. The other characters also play their parts well in the story. I think that The Boy in the Dress would be a great read for either boys or girls of any age, but it is probably aimed more toward younger readers. I think that the message David Walliams is trying to get across is that you should never be afraid to do what you want and to wear what you want!!!!

I would give David Walliams and his book, The Boy in the Dress, four stars out of five!



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