Disappearing Model
Jasmine, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

The clean sparking water rushed onto the beach. The shadows of the trees gently swayed over the soft sand. People wanted to drink the salty water because it looked as delicious as fresh orange juice. The sweet air drifted across people’s noses. Lying on the beach created a calm and serene atmosphere. This was a stunningly beautiful place. However, a dark secret lay behind one person’s back.

Jessica and her friends were models. They were ready to take another photo shoot. When they got to the gorgeous island, everyone was running and shouting. “Look at Jessica! She is smart, adventurous and her brown hair goes straight down to her waist,” exclaimed Stella.

“Yes, she is beautiful,” replied Ellie. Jessica was an extremely beautiful girl. She was eighteen years old; her eyes were as blue as the blue ocean. She was not only gorgeous, but also smart and intelligent.

The happy day quickly passed. Everyone was tired and exhausted so they started to unpack their suitcases. “I’m tired,” muttered Ellie softly. By 10 o’clock it was as quiet as a graveyard. Everyone was fast asleep. Then a tip toe sound ran over to Jessica’s ears, but when she woke up it was too late. The person was gone. A blood red mark was on Ellie’s bed. Then Jessica shouted “Where is Ellie!” She was gone! Suddenly a girl came in and said “I am Alaisa. I am the new model...!”

The next day arrived, and everyone was prepared to find Ellie. After an hour, Jessica said, “I have to go down into the ocean and find Ellie.”

“No you can’t. It is too cold and dangerous,” replied Rina.

“Of course she can!” shouted Alaisa, pushing Jessica down. Then Alaisa quickly drove the boat away.

“Now that Jessica has gone too what can we do?” asked Rina.

Jessica was not gone; she was still finding Ellie. Jessica could see all the helpful fishes wanted to help her to find Ellie. They were swimming around plenty of caves. Jessica decided to chose one and go in. It was dirty, wet and muddy. Although Jessica was frightened, she would never give up until she found Ellie.

Suddenly Jessica was cut by a rock, but she couldn’t give up so she held her cut and kept on going. A diver saw blood coming. He followed the blood and found Jessica. Jessica was saved. Jessica was really sick so she had to go back home. When Jessica was back, she was completely asleep. Rina and the other were really happy, but how about Ellie?

When Jessica woke up at midnight, everyone was fast asleep. Jessica tiptoed over to Alasia's bag and took out her phone. She could not believe what she saw. She saw a text that said, “Ellie has been kidnapped in a cave.” Jessica told the diver about it. The diver told Jessica he would go save Ellie because Jessica was too sick. After an hour of waiting, Ellie was back in Jessica arms.

Jessica and Ellie forced Alasia to tell her why she had kidnapped Ellie. Alasia told Jessica and the other models, “It all started when Ellie and I were best friends in high school. There was a model contest. The winner was going to be a model and would have plenty of money. Ellie told me she didn’t need that job because she was very rich. She just wanted to play and have fun. However, I really needed to win because I wasn’t as rich as Ellie. Sadly, I lost and Ellie won, so now I have no money.” Ellie had one drop of tears in her eyes. “I am…I am very sorry, I didn’t know that I sorry,” cried Ellie. How sad.

The next day finally arrived. Everyone was full of confidence. They were ready to take the photo, even Alasia. The photographer said,” I want you all jump up and give me a cheese,”

1,2,3, cheese!

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