Endless Misery
Riley, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

For Emile Thorn, Carter Quarke and Raymond Lent, this part of their lives was filled with fear. Emile was a friendly and very effective CIA agent, but then he was transferred to underwater base security. Carter was an everyday office worker until he was offered a sea job so he took it. Raymond was a science teacher at Harvard University. He had always wanted to study the sea, and he got a chance. Now, David was actually in jail before this job for dropping a giant bomb on the Statue of Liberty.

The way the day began was a bit surprising. At 9:00 am a man wearing a black suit, black tie, black shoes and a white shirt came in to the base. He looked rough and tough. He came and immediately killed two guards. "What the…" shouted Emile. Almost right away, Emile realized who the man was. He was the bodyguard of the base’s CEO. Wait a minute, thought Emile. If he protects the CEO, then why is he attacking the base. Well it turned out Mr. CEO wanted to get rid of the base because he hated his job and wanted to get rid of every trace of the base, including its staff.

Things weren’t going so well; in fact, they were going absolutely crazy. The BY [bodyguard] took a gun and blasted away at the base controls. Well, he regretted it because he locked himself in the base with them. As well as doing that, he disconnected the underwater doors which meant the giant shark was out of its locked sea room. "God help us," prayed Emile. You know how they say that praying mostly gives luck? Yeah, well it didn’t help at all. The BY then lit the place on fire and it started an inferno.

‘I’ve got to find DD [David Dawn/mad scientist]; otherwise, he could just get us all killed or get himself killed. David was having a great time, but unfortunately it involved acid. "Hey, guys, look at me," screamed David. Then the acid melted apart and they saw a fishing boat.

"Thank God, we’re saved," exclaimed Carter. But then the shark ate it and while that was happening, the BY was motorboating back home. So they decided to stay until help arrived, but Emile wanted to check the base’s core. He went in the secret elevator to check. There on the core was a bomb from the BY. "Oh come on!" shouted Emile. It was a good thing that Emile got in the elevator on time; otherwise, he would have been ashes.

When he got back to the surface things were really bad. Carter had fallen down the stairs and broken his leg, and Ray was chewed in half. "We’re so doomed," gasped Emile. At that moment the shark was getting ready to leap at Emile.

But then a humungous helicopter with two spinners came and dropped twenty grenades into the shark’s mouth, and then there was a huge explosion of shark pieces. Emile was so relieved that he was going to survive and so was Carter. They eventually got out of the base before it blew up or melted into atoms. Then the most-mouth-dropping thing happened: the acid was starting to melt New York. Manhattan and the Empire State building melted into nothing - the sight was unbelievable.

After all that, the whole city was rebuilt. Emile went from Base Guard to Military Sergeant and Carter helped to rebuild the city and after that he got a job in Hawaii to build any building he was paid to build. No one knows whether or not David survived, but police found a man wearing a science jacket and he had one hand so it may have been him. If it was, he might come back crazier than ever. Raymond’s torn body was never found. Authorities thought that his body must have melted, but they still weren’t sure.

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