The Figure of Darkness
Kieran, Age 11, Salmon Arm, BC

Chapter 1
The hallway was dark and damp, Carmen could taste the scent of rotten carpet in the back of her throat. All of a sudden a black figure streamed before her eyes and her stomach lurched. It couldn't be a ghost she persuaded herself; it must simply be her over active imagination. Whoosh' - there it was again. Carmen now knew she wasn't imagining it anymore. She darted down the long, gloomy hall into the mouldy damp kitchen, tears streaming from her eyes. She could still feel the cold clutch of the figure creeping up rapidly behind her. Carmen desperately searched for a place to hide but the figure was getting closer and closer, and now she could feel its breath on the back of her neck. There, in the corner of her eye, Carmen spotted a broom cupboard and dashed towards it. But it was too late. Something pushed her over and she fell on her back. Then everything went black!

Chapter 2
Slowly Carmen opened her eyes to see several worried faces looking down at her in an unknown room. “Carmen, you're okay,” choked her mom, eyes blotchy from tears but with a sudden burst of excitement. “You have been out for three days; are you all right?”

“Yes, Mom,” stuttered Carmen. “Just feeling a little weak.”

“Oh, I hope so. Now sit in the wheelchair and come with me and your father and tell us everything!”
They headed down the hall into an empty room with two beds. “So what happened?” whispered her father. “Tell us everything!”

“Well,” began Carmen, “on Tuesday night Amelia, I, Jess and Taylor went on a walk. We went past an old graveyard beside a tattered house on Birch Street, and Amelia dared me to go inside,” continued Carmen, who now had goose bumps on her arms from remembering the moment. She told her parents about the damp hallway and the dark figure chasing her through the house.

After Carmen had finished her tale there was a moment of silence that was disrupted by a nurse. “You should really be on your way home by now,” she said in a grumpy tone.

“We are just leaving,” stammered Carmen's father grabbing his bag and pulling on Carmen's arm.

“Well goodbye then,” said the nurse as she strutted back down the hall with a satisfied look on her face.

Chapter 3
“Ring Ring” - sounded the old phone on the wall of Carmen's family kitchen. “I'll get it” blurted Carmen dashing towards the phone. “Hello, Carmen speaking,” Carmen said in her most grown up possible voice.

“Oh, hi Carmen. It's me, Amelia.”

“Oh, it's you,” exclaimed Carmen in an exited voice.

“Yes it's me, and I was wondering if you were okay,” said Amelia in a guilty tone. “I shouldn't have dared you to do such a thing and I am really sorry; will you forgive me?...”

“Of course I forgive you, but now I know to think before accepting a dare like that!”

“Oh, thank you so much,” exclaimed Amelia.

“It's nothing... Hey do you want to come over for hot chocolate?”

“No problem,” said Amelia. “I'll be right there,” she said, and with that she hung up.

The End

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