Great Wall Adventure
Eunice, Age 8, Shanghai, China

Paulina was a young female mouse, but neither an adult nor a teenage. Her mouse age was seven age units. Her school’s name was Mouseford Academy, and her teacher was Miss. S.T. Paulina came from Peru and her best friend was Nicky. Nicky was from Australia; she was in the same class of Paulina.

"Nicky, Colette, Pamela, Violet, Wakey Wakey! It’s 6:00 already.” Paulina sang, bouncing up and down on her already set up, neat bed.

“Eeeeek!” Pamela screamed. “Get that cricket off, meeeeeeeeee!!”

“Hehehee,” giggled Violet. “Frilly, get back into your pumpkin house.” Suddenly, Thea burst into the Paulina’s bedroom. “What’s this?” she asked, grabbing an orange notebook from Paulina’s desk.

“Going to China to visit the Great Wall,” Thea read the note.

“Eeaak!” screamed Thea, “That’s no use! We only go the the places the school takes us.” But Paulina and Nicky were already packing for the journey.

“It’s very near,” exclaimed Paulina. “We’re here on Hawaii and we’ve got to cross the Pacific Ocean to China.”

“But Beijing is where the Great Wall is located,” called Violet. They all set off, but Thea blocked the front door. So the five friends leaped through an open window through Collette’s room and jumped out. Thea was very angry. She chased after their plane as it took off for Beijing.

“Oh! I’m feeling airsick,” muttered Pamela, her eyes rolling this way and that way.

At Beijing, Pamela piped up again, “Great Wall of China!”

“No, that’s only half.” whispered Violet.

“What?” shouted Pamela.

“Pam, shut up!” snapped Colette.

Nicky thought they were too noisy, so she squeaked, “Shut up!” Then everybody stopped talking.

“Don’t forget your baggage,” reminded Paulina.

Suddenly they all fell into a hole. Luckily, they still had their suitcases and stuff.

“Where are we?” gasped Colette.

“We are in the deep underground hole. Look at all these boxes,” Paulina explained.

“Oh! No! They must be those dead people who built this Great Wall,” said Violet.

“How do you know?” Paulina asked curiously.

“There is a plate in Chinese with the names of the people who died during the work,” Violet pointed at the plate.

“That’s right.” said Colette looking a bit of a grouch.

“Not again!” moaned Nicky. “This is no time to be a grouch.”

“Ugh,” muttered the rest.

“Look!” Paulina cried, excitedly. “A small passageway! Or-anyway, we can choose to get back out if you want.” She finished with a murmur.

“Passageway!” shouted Pamela.

“No, out!” shivered Colette.

“Passageway!” Pamela shouted again.

“Out!” muttered Violet.

“Okey, okay, we will go,” Paulina announced. As they got out, Paulina ran straight into the Great Wall entrance. Thea ran after her; it was dark and gloomy inside.

“Aaargh!” shouted Pamela.

“Calm down, please! The more you’re scared, the more centipedes will come,” called Paulina anxiously.

They carefully made their way through the gaps and soon enough, they got to the top of Great Wall.

“What is the name of Great Wall in Chinese?” asked Colette.

“Chang Cheng,” Violet answered proudly.

Suddenly, a guard appeared in front of them. “Welcome to Chang Cheng,” he said and quickly grabbed Colette and Paulina.

Nicky and Pamela ran as fast as they could. Pamela prayed loudly, “God, please help us to go back to Mouseford. Amen”

Magically, there was a big dark hole popped out from the side wall of the Great Wall. They all jumped into the hole.

“Bite his fingers harshly.” Paulina counted from one to three. Colette and Paulina bit the guard and he was so hurt that he couldn’t hold them and let them go. Fortunately, all of them made it into the hole before it disappeared.

“Bang!" They dropped onto the floor. All of the mouselings were safe back at Mouseford.

“I don’t like the Great Wall adventure,” complained Thea.

“This story is too scary,” Paulina added.

“Let’s make up another one,” Violet suggested. “How about the Egypt adventure?”

“Adventure again!” Violet stared. The mouselings continued to discuss, but none of them had a better idea for the school project.

“Girls and boys, any suggestion?” Paulina asked with sparkling eyes.

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