Hare and Tortoise (acrostic poem)
Sehen, Age 7, Sri Lanka

Hare boasted of his speediness
Ambitiously the tortoise agreed to have a race with hare
Race began with the cheers of animals
Eagerly the tortoise thought my efforts are rising

Alas, hare started to run with full speed
Nowhere to be seen tortoise
Decided to have a little nap

The hare was snoring
Here things are going to change
Excitedly the tortoise giggled

Tortoise slowly passed the hare
Oh the hare was still sleeping
Run fast! animals cheered
Tortoise passed the winning point
"Oh, hurray," tortoise shouted
It was a memorable moment for the tortoise
Suddenly the hare woke up with the cheers of other animals
End of the game but no chance to the proud hare

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