The Littlest Mouse
Elizabeth, Age 8, Coldstream, BC

Once there was the smallest mouse you would ever see. Her name was Penny and she was a teeny little grey mouse. All the other mice laughed and taunted her. All the mice that is, but her good friend Violet.

One day during recess, Penny and her friend Violet went into the kitchen next to the school. They saw the cat, Fluffy. Fluffy was big and he loved it when little mice came into the kitchen and accidentally crawled into his big gaping mouth. But that did not happen too often as most of the mice were too smart.

As Penny and Violet went into the room, Violet got a funny feeling which tickled the inside of her tummy. She started to ask questions like, “Are we going to make it before the bell?” and “Is Fluffy going to eat us?”

“Stop! Stop asking questions!” hissed Penny.

“Can I ask one more?” chattered Violet.

“Oh fine” sighed Penny.

“Do you have your lucky penny?” asked Violet.

“Yes, yes I do” answered Penny.

After their long talk, the mice started to sneak past the cat. But suddenly, Violet tripped over Fluffy’s tail. “Ouch!” muttered Violet. Fluffy slowly turned around with a big grin. He was thinking what a yummy snack the two mice would make. The mice ran.

Back at the schoolyard, the bell had already rung and no one was left in the playground. Penny and Violet sprinted back into the school. They knew they were in trouble. Their teacher yelled, “You are in big trouble.” “We know,” they mumbled.

After detention, it was time for lunch. Penny and Violet were deciding what to do when Fluffy peeked in the hole of the classroom. He growled when he saw the two mice that he just about had for a snack earlier that day. They were always bugging him.

The bell rang at the end of the day, and all the mice ran out to go home. On the way home, Penny heard a noise. There was a crowd of people and a lady was yelling, “Help! My baby is stuck in a small hole.” The firemen were trying to get the baby out. Penny ran closer to get a better look.

“I can help! I can fit in the hole” Penny said as she stepped into the middle of the crowd of people.

There were some of the boys from her school. They shouted at Penny, “Hey, there is the smallest mouse”. Penny glared back at them. Then they were about to sing “Shorty, shorty. Penny is a shorty.” But before they could start singing, the firemen told them to go away or stop bugging Penny. As they walked away, one of the boys stuck his tongue out at Penny.

When the boys were gone, the firemen told Penny to climb into the hole. Penny hopped in. It was dark, but she could see the crying baby. He was so cute. She picked him up and hopped out of the hole. Everyone cheered, and the lady thanked Penny. Then a news reporter took Penny’s picture and showed her the way out of the crowd. Penny knew the way out, but the reporter just wanted more time with the hero. And that hero was Penny!

The next day when Penny was coming down the stairs, her dad was reading the newspaper and her mom was watching the news. They both came straight over to her. “Good job, honey. You saved the little baby mouse!” Penny replied, “Ya! Well, gotta go. Bye!”

On the way to school, Violet came zooming up beside Penny. She started to chat about what happened the night before. When the two mice arrived at school, Penny pulled her hoody over her head so everybody wouldn’t come up to her and say, “Can I have your autograph?”

When Penny ran through the school door, there were the boys that liked to tease her. Instead of bugging her, they said, “Hi ya. There you are. We need to tell you that we are sorry that we bugged you. We really should not have taunted you about being small.” “Ya, because it really doesn’t matter if you are small or tall. We are all the same.”

When the bell rang for school, Penny felt really happy.

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