Nobody's There
Stacey, Age 17, Bristol, Connecticut

                      I feel like Iím drowning in all these feelings.
Itís like mud, youíre stuck, you canít breathe, it fills your lungs,
and it poisons your heart and brain.
You scream for help but...nobody's there.
          There's nobody there to comfort you,
          Nobody's there to hear you cry,
          Nobody's there to help you,
          Nobody's there to grab your hand and pull you out of this,
          Nobody's there to tell you things are going to change,
          Nobody's there to take the pain away,
          Nobody's there to listen to you or to understand you.
          You notice that you are alone.
In a dark room...stuck...drowning,
and you wonder if someday somebody will open that door,
grab your hand and pull you out of the mud and the darkness
but still...nobody's there!

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