Charlotte, Age 12, Vancouver, BC

When I collect the seashells, which many did before
The ones that were hammered beneath the ocean floor
I feel of the ocean where I learned of my true home
I bend, kiss and take, one small smooth stone

Donít take me away from my ocean
Donít take me away from my sea
Donít take me away from the notion
Itís the place where Iíll always fly free

Leaving footprints in the sand
Memories of having been given a hand
A hand to hold, fingers to grasp
A cove where peace would be long last

For deep in the ocean, beneath a sea willow
A bed of water, a soft blue pillow
Lay down your head and close your sleepy eyes
And when you wake the sun will rise

Below, the glass and soft sea air
Above, confront the sunís full glare
Smell the steam of the morning mist
Curling away from the waterís kiss

The blues and greens of dancing light
The darkening shadows quickly take flight
The seagulls swoop long and low
Shining colors, the world aglow

So will your thoughts stop flowing
And will you feel the same
When the ocean stops knowing
Stops calling your name

Today the tide is gone
The morning, come, the morning dawn
Wave to the rapidly stormy sea
To the place where I can always be me

So good bye to the ocean
Good bye to the sea
Good bye to the notion
That Iíll always fly free.

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