The Philadephidor
Robert, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

“AHHH!” screamed Dave as he was being pulled down into the murky water by some mysterious force. Suddenly all that you could see were filthy boots and his fishing rod floating through the mist like a phantom.

“Not another one! That’s four down this week! Almost set a new record,” wailed Eugene, while typing on the computer.

“That thing must be very hungry this week”, commented Bob.

Just then the day became much colder. Bob went to go fetch his coat from the base. They were Coast Guards, special agents of the “Philadephidor Monster Team.” They had been tracking the Philadephidor for three years. It was a very risky job. Eugene’s job was to record how many people had been assassinated by the Philadephidor. Bob’s job was to tell the headquarters. Bob also had another job. It was to track where the Philadephidor went. Eugene usually wore a T- shirt with a jumper on the outside. He always wore mountain shoes, and his pant were always water proof. Bob always wore a polo shirt with jeans.

A few weeks later, Bob and Eugene’s friend Captain Eye tried to kill the Philadephidor. He had been trying for five years. He got a big submarine, a fifty-person crew, and many weapons. When the Captain came back, he announced that he wanted to gather all the monster hunters and set sail to kill the Philadephidor. He also invited Bob and Eugene to help them. On that day Bob also brought his other friend Daniel. He was a Coast Guard scientist. He usually invented guns, gadgets, and other things. This time he invented a gun called TAC 50. After a terrible day lots of hunters were killed.

On the last day before going back to the shore, Bob’s computer said “WARNING: Philadephidor NEAR.” Bob was frightened and told Captain Eye to tell everyone to wear an emergency life jacket and line up beside the emergency door. When everyone went off the sub, the crew started to count the people. There were 299 people, but they were missing Captain Eye. At that shocking moment they saw a puny moon shape circle, and it got bigger and bigger; however, suddenly it disappeared into nothing. A few seconds later a big, ugly, rough, hungry, and enormous monster appeared. The scary Philadephidor came out!!!

When the monster ate one of the crew, Daniel was angry like a red headed bull. He shot a powerful laser beam into the monster’s eye. Then he shot another into his mouth and the last one in his heart. The Philadephidor was in extreme pain. Then it fell into the muddy ocean.

After the Philadephidor had drowned in the muddy ocean, a man with a scuba diving suit rose up from the sea. Eugene took his mini telescope and looked to see who is was. ”It's Captain Eye!” cried Eugene. Then everybody started to row near Captain Eye. But Bob was very suspicious about Captain Eye, under the sea.

When things settled down with the monster dead, everyone went back in the house as per normal. Bob was still curious about why Captain Eye was in the ocean not on the boat. So he called some Coast Guard friends to help him find the answer. When his friend was under the sea, they saw a lab. On the door it said ”Captain’s Lab.” It was open. When they got in, there were science potions and other interesting things. When they walked in another door, there were scary animals. There were sharks, whales, and so many other animals. In the very end of the room there was a big box labelled ”Philadephidor.” They were shocked about it because Captain Eye let the Philadephidor out!

After they arrested Captain Eye, Bob, Eugene, Daniel, and Bob’s friend got a big prize from the Coast Guard boss, an award of $500,000. They also received a golden badge from the President of the USA. Bob, Eugene, and Daniel still work as Coast Guards.

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