Sea Mission
Iris, Age 10, Taiwan

Judy was a ten-year-old girl. She had long blond hair and eyes as shiny as crystals. She wore a pair of blue shorts, a pink T-shirt, and purple sandals. She was an a helpful girl. Once she had saved a sea turtle from a tangled fishing net at the beach.

“Thank you, little girl!” said the sea turtle.

Judy was surprised to see a talking sea turtle.

It continued. “You are a kind girl; I want you to help King Neptune and save our kingdom.”

The sea turtle took Judy to Neptune’s kingdom.

When they arrived, Judy saw a magnificent castle stood right in front of her with tropical fish swimming around. This castle sparkled under the blue shining sea. The castle door dropped open and King Neptune came out of the castle. Neptune looked like a normal old man. He had a sparkling golden crown with sea sells and pearls on it. He wore a white T- shirt, dark blue shorts, a pair of golden sandals, a red cape, and a he carried a magic wand that made him look like a magician. He also looked a bit funny and made Judy laugh really loud. The sea turtle slapped her mouth shut.

“Don’t do that! He’s King Neptune!” it whispered.

Neptune walked towards her.

“Good for you, you saved my servant. Now, I want to give you a mission to find the two magic pearls in two shipwrecks,” said Neptune in a mean, tough voice.

The sound seemed to force Judy to do it.

“O......Okay,” said Judy in a soft voice.

On her way, she met a mermaid. The mermaid said, “I’m Sharon the mermaid. I can help you to complete this mission. Use these bags to help you. Each one contains a message. Red bag at the first ship, green at the second one,” continued the mermaid.

“Thank you!” said Judy.

Judy took her bags to go to the first ship wreck.

Judy went to the first ship. She saw some clown fish talking to each other. They invited Judy to sleep over in this ship. At night, she heard mean, scary, and frightening speaking sounds. She peeked outside the window. No clown fish, but some sharks appeared. They were planning to eat her. She thought of the bag that the mermaid had given her and she opened it. The message said that she should put on the pirate costume and tell the sharks to give her the pearl. Judy wasn’t sure why she should do that. But she thought this method would work. Then she did it. The sharks gave her the pearl. She thought it wouldn’t work but it did. She was ready to go to the next shipwreck.

Judy went to the second shipwreck. It was decorated with candies, chocolates, cookies, marshmallows, and more sweets.

“It doesn’t look like a shipwreck!” said Judy.

She started to eat the sweets. While she was eating, an old woman came out and asked ”What are you doing here?”

“I am trying to find the magic pearl,” replied Judy.

“Never!” shouted the old woman.

She took the form of a huge monster octopus.

Judy gasped because the pearl was on the monster’s neck. She tried to grab the pearl< but the monster whacked her and she bumped the wall.

”Ouch!” she cried.

She took out her bag; there was a small, round, shiny pill inside. The message said that she had to eat the pill and read this magic spell:@#$%&+.

She ate the pill and read the spell. The weirdest thing that happened was that the monster dissolved but the pearl was still there! She collected it and went to where the mermaid was.

She went there, saw the mermaid and said thank you to her. Then the mermaid took her back to Neptune’s castle. Neptune thanked her a lot and had a party for Judy’s success.

Neptune gave her a box and said that when she had a problem, she could open it. The mermaid asked her to live in the sea forever. Judy declined because she would be homesick. The mermaid gave her a necklace that Judy could use to contact the mermaid when she wanted to. The mermaid also warned Judy and said that she should never tell anyone about her trip.

“Judy? Judy? Time to wake up! Otherwise you’ll be late for school!” called her mom in a soft gentle voice.

“Sorry that I came back so late,” said Judy.

Her mom looked puzzled to hear what Judy was saying.

“No, you didn’t! You were just sleeping here,” answered her mom.

But Judy saw the box and the necklace on the carpet, right next to her bed....

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