The Time Vortex
Luca, Age 9, London, England

The space journey had begun. Joe pressed his overjoyed face to the starship’s sturdy window as the starship rose majestically into space. Quickly disappearing, the earth lessened in size. Earth was a truly beautiful planet. Slowly, his concentration slipped away from the earth and towards the oncoming stars. Huge balls of fire raced past him.

Suddenly, Neptune appeared out of the darkness, with its obscure rings of meteors surrounding the gas giant. Despite only catching a glimpse, it was enough. His jaw dropped in awe as it zipped past him. All of a sudden, a huge swirling multi-coloured vortex appeared. Not just a vortex - a time vortex. He had heard about these. Space ships were whirled into its fury, never to return. They would survive forever, and never escape the endless darkness. Shaking vigorously, he spun round and round. Inside the ship, Joe was flung against the shock-absorbing mechanics. He went out cold.

A few hours later, he forced open his eyelids. The ship was going smoothly again, but when he crawled to the window, he found something strange. Surprisingly, there were no stars passing by in the foreboding darkness. Then everything came flooding back. No. It couldn’t be. He was inside the time vortex. He had no fate now. He was to live forever, but never see life again. He got to his feet. It hurt. Fighting the pain, he stumbled over to the main controls. As he steered the ship around, he saw stars. He sped towards them but did not seem to get any closer. He raised the speed to its top speed, 30 000 miles per minute. Still nothing. He was helpless. All he could do was speed towards fake stars.

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