Sea Trouble
Tekuseni, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

It was a calm warm afternoon. Everybody was relaxed and having fun eating delicious fish and squids. People were diving, catching fish and cooking them. Wind blowing, rustling trees. Fish swimming around and salty damp air. Something in the sea had been stolen but no one knew who or what took it.

At the sea there was a family: Percy, Luke and their mum, Sally Jackson. All three came to see their dad. Luke had brown soft hair and greenish eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, trainers and a sparkling jacket. Luke was very fast at walking, as fast as a lion. He was very calm; however, something under his feet was going wrong.

In the dark, when everybody was sleeping in their cabins, Percy and Luke said goodbye to their mum and they went in the sea and swam to their dad. When they got there, they found their dad, Poseidon. He was talking to Hades, the god of the underworld.

“Dad, what’s going on?” asked Luke.

“Hades' magical hat is lost in the sea and someone or something has stolen it, so I’m helping him find it back,” replied Poseidon.

“It’s my spotless hat. If you find it, give it to me!” shouted Hades.

Then he disappeared into the dark. The next day some divers came. What did they want and what was in the box they were holding?

As the divers came closer, they were whispering something.

“Hello friends!” giggled the divers.  One of them took out a spotless hat!

“The magic hat that Hades is looking for!” shouted Percy

“You people are in very big trouble!” shouted Poseidon. Lighting shot through the sea.

“We are the people who stole all the gods’ magic things but they found them,” laughed one of the divers.

“The gods are really angry at you people, especially Hades,” shouted Poseidon.

Lighting flashed and all the gods and Sally were behind Poseidon. They were all frustrated at the divers for taking their things magical things.

“All you divers have been playing and cheated on us. Now it’s time for our revenge,” shouted Zeus.

“Lord Zeus, will you please give us one last time,” sighed the diver with the box.

“I gave you people thirty-five chances because there are thirty-five of you, so no more chances!” shouted Zeus.

“It’s time to fight, divers!” roared Ares

All the divers took out their swords. All the gods and the divers fought each other.


“BUT BU…OK and good luck little brother!” shouted Percy.

“AHHHHHHHH!” roared Luke as he got cut in the tummy.

Ares came to help Luke and killed both divers that were fighting him. When Luke saw that his mum was in danger, he felt his heart beating extremely fast, as if he was in danger, too. All the gods were fighting, so he thought that if he used the last of his power then Poseidon would be angry. All the divers went after the diver with Sally.

“Come fight me or she shall die!” shouted the one holding Sally.

Luke got really angry, so he used his last power and the strongest of the twenty of them got killed and the rest swam away. Luke was surprised when he saw that his power was so strong.

“WOW!” gasped Luke. The diver who was holding Sally let go of her and swam away, but they didn’t go very far.

“Well done, son, you have done a wonderful job,” laughed Poseidon.

Suddenly, Medusa came with her snake hair and froze all the divers and the battle was over. The gods took their things and looked mad at the divers. Then Zeus came and unfroze them. All the divers were sad because they had to go to the underworld to give back the hat.

“I’m very proud of you son. You killed of twenty them, and you made it easy for us,” laughed Poseidon. “You can have this award. This is a riptide; your brother has one too,” laughed Poseidon.

“Thank you, father,” sang Luke proudly.

“And may all gods be proud of my brave son!” laughed Poseidon. Then all gods and monsters clapped their hands happily.

“Hey, Luke Jackson!” shouted Ares. “Thanks for helping me have a World War 3. That was awesome and exciting!” laughed Ares. All the divers gave back the things that they took, then the monsters took them to magic jail in the underworld for the rest of their lives. After that, all the gods had a big party, and at the end Zeus gave Luke a box and in the box was a magic power.

After the gods went back, Percy gave Luke a big hug and thanked him for saving their mum. Poseidon came with Sally with a big happy face and both of them gave Luke a hug.

“Luke and Percy, you two can come visit me with your mum anytime you want,” said Poseidon. In a flash, Poseidon was gone. Luke, Percy and their mum went back home and they all had a wonderful treat.

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