Why Her?
Stacey, Age 17, Bristol, Connecticut

I always believed that a smile could bring happiness to yourself and other people. That even in the bad moments, a smile could show that you’ll go through it and it’ll be over soon. But that smile that I believed was great is not a smile when you hide what’s really behind it. I walk with confidence, with a smile on my face wherever I am and however I feel. I laugh to make people happy; I’m available for those people who need help, advice, or someone to talk to; I’ll always be there! But…why her?
She’s the girl who brings confidence and happiness to other people. It could be the girl sitting next to you or the popular girl in school. It could be one your friends. She’s the person who locked her heart and threw the key away. Afraid to let people in because she does not want to be hurt. When she wakes up in the morning, she wants to go back to sleep and never wake up. Why her?
People say that you have to go through really bad stuff to be depressed, sad, angry, worthless…but it is not true. Sometimes mental pain is more painful than physical pain. That’s her! Her heart sorrowed morning and night, her mind was black with negative thoughts, her body was weak from trying, and her eyes were dry from all the times she had to cry. So she locked her heart to feel no more pain. It worked…until it became so much that her mind, heart, and body could take it no longer. All those feelings came back instantly like a slice in the heart with a knife. In just one hit, that’s all it took. Why her?
She grew up in a big, strict family with morals, values, and respect. Her family is close; she has a lot of good friends, a pretty good, decent life. But…why her? She is different. She is more independent, likes to explore and experience the outside, to succeed in life. She also has a strong character, different opinions and values. She has morals and is respectful. A great sense of humor, caring, and sensitive, especially towards other people. She’s conservative but honest and loyal. She likes to make her own decisions, a leader. That is what makes her different from the rest of her family. She has a normal routine: go to school in the morning, then go home, do homework, clean, also get good grades. She does not complain and does not go out much. Why her? Is it fair for her?
It hurts her more to know that she does not have the support of her parents, the trust and confidence. Why are they always judging and criticizing her? She hid away her feelings to make her family happy and be the perfect daughter. But why would she care about their feelings when they don’t care about hers?! That’s when the trust and love towards her mom started to fade away with time. Where she became depressed and started to harm herself. But then she would not talk about it to them. Why? Because they'd laugh at her, blame her, and not try to understand and listen to her. She feels more alone than ever. She has no one to be there for her. So her friends became her family and her family became people she lived with. Her friends are the ones who are there for her and support her. Now school is the only escape she has to stay away from what people call “home.” Is it possible for her to get better and be happy somewhere she doesn’t fit? No!

So she starts to daydream of a better life. She dreams of a fantasy world. Being a vampire. To be the next Bella? Some place where there is beauty, freedom, and love. She dreams of a better world than reality, but she knows that one day she has to face reality. But…why her?
That girl has potential in life; she chose how her life would go, what she’ll do and what she’ll be. Her time to face reality and become independent just came! She decided that people who harm her would not matter. Their opinions, decisions, or criticism wouldn’t matter. She decided to be strong and try to be happy! She has a caring, sensible heart; she usually cares about making other people happy. She is not happy if people she cares about are not happy. It hurts her to hurt someone she cares about. She has to learn that sometimes you cannot make everybody happy, but you can be there and try.

It’s time for that girl to stand up and take a deep breath. To stand up for herself and succeed in life, think positive from now on because out there there will be someone who will love her for who she is and appreciate what she does.
She will succeed in life and be happy! But…why her?

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