The Beast of Wisconsin
Breyden, Age 16, Kelowna, BC

Chapter 1

The plains of Wisconsin are a majestic sight. In the fall, orange and red leaves fall off making way for the beauty that lies ahead. The forests are also teeming with deer, bear and perhaps something else. Witnesses here claim to have seen something moving through the inky black nights here. A nightmare that one family will try to survive.

“Hey guys, get that wood coming” said Mr. Roberson.

“Okay, Dad” said Megan.

As they sat around the fire, their dad told of tall, canine like monsters roaming the hillsides. She and her brother, Mikey, were listening intently as he told stories of these monstrosities. Soon it was time for bed, and they settled down for the night. Megan and Mikey slept like logs. Deep in the forests, something was stirring. A creature like something from a horror movie.

Chapter 2

They had breakfast and then they went out for a stroll in the woods. Throughout the afternoon, they enjoyed watching all the native wildlife, including deer and bear. When they returned to camp, however, the three could see huge footprints. Tracks measuring over thirteen inches in length and about eight inches in diameter. They wondered if a bear had had accidentally gone into the camp. But on closer inspection, they found that a bear was not the suspect. There were multiple tracks going in a line, and they resembled human footprints. One step forward and the other in the same direction. Megan was not sure what had made them, but she wanted to take pictures of them. So she took out her pink camera and snapped ten photos of the mysterious tracks.

“Dad, do you think that these are from the creatures in your stories?” said Megan

“I don’t know, honey, but these are something” said her dad

That night, they had marshmallows, their very favourite desert while camping. But something did not want the marshmallows.

Chapter 3

Later that night, Megan woke to see her brother looking spellbound through the flap of their tent. Megan asked him what he was looking at. He only pointed and she looked up. Her face suddenly turned as white as paper. They could see a creature standing on two legs. It had hairy body, and its head looked like that of a wolf or dog. It had human like hands, but its feet were like a cross between a human and wolf. The creature was muscular and was robust in shape. Its two red eyes shown through the darkness. It gave a howl to the moon and ran off into the darkness. Megan was holding her brother tightly as she watched the creature disappear into forest. To her, it looked like a creature she had heard before, a horror that everyone knows. A werewolf.

Chapter 4

Still wondering what happened last night, Megan, Mikey and their dad ate their breakfast. While Megan was keeping a watch on her brother while he played, she saw a deer carcass drop from the trees. Mikey was only two feet away from the carcass and he gave out a scream, running back to his sister. Crying, he hugged his sister tightly.

Just then the two saw something running way into the brush. Immediately, Mikey stopped crying to see a wolf-like figure running. Suddenly, it stopped. That very something looked at them; it then bared its teeth at the two of them. Megan was fearful that the abomination might be after her brother. As soon as she moved, however, it disappeared into the forest.

Their dad came back to see how everything was going. Megan said everything was alright. After two sleeps, they were ready to go home. When they got home, Megan told her mother all about their trip. She even showed mom the pictures of the mysterious tracks. She was puzzled by these. Two weeks after, the news said someone had sighted a werewolf-like creature near the campground where Megan, her brother, and their dad stayed. The memory will never fade way….in the form of a deadly predator…that stalks on two legs.

The End

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