Karuna, Age 11, Gosnells, Western Australia

They had nothing to say to each other. They sat down on the grassy river bank, silently communicating in a way that nobody but themselves could understand. Anand had to go. He was already silently dying on the inside. The cancer had been taking him for a while now. He had leukemia, and his blood was getting worse. The doctor told him that he would get better with medication. But Anand had nothing to lose. He was old, but not old enough to end his life, most would say.

But Anand had lived a happy life with his family, following his dreams. Now he was suffering from terrible pains, and he had decided to go to sleep. He was enjoying his final minutes with his wife near nature- after visiting his kids and hugging his 99 year old mum. Now he was about to commit euthanasia- illegal in Australia, where he was now, but who was going to care? His wife was going with him- loyal and loving, she was also old and decided it was the best choice. His kids and Mum did not live in Australia, so this wouldn’t affect them, as they already knew about it. If police or the government were to find out- Anand really didn’t care. They weren’t him, so they couldn’t know any of his reasonings and second thoughts. And if he and his family weren’t going to be affected, he should go for it. They were ready now- he knew it.

Diving into the icy waters of the rivers, he gasped for breath after a few minutes. Feeling like coming up, he pushed himself down. He could see his wife’s face nearby, and this calmed him slightly. Staying underwater, he breathed out. For the last time.

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