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Ellen Schwartz. Avalanche Dance
Tundra Books $11.99 ISBN 978-0-88776-958-0 192 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

Gwen’s a dancer: she loves dance, and she’s danced her whole life and would never stop for anything--until one day her whole world is turned upside down. She and her dad go skiing and get caught in an avalanche. Gwen comes out uninjured, but her dad gets crushed badly and his life is on the line. Gwen swears she has an injury and that she won’t be able to dance because she can’t even walk. Her life is down the drain, and her dream is over. She keeps insisting she has an injury even when the doctors can’t find anything. Gwen’s life just isn’t fair right now. And when she needs her best friend more than anything, she remembers that they haven’t talked in weeks. Will Gwen be able to face the truth and realize that she needs to get her friend back? And will she be able to convince herself that her father’s injury is not her fault, or will everything be lost?

WOW, Ellen Schwartz really knows how to touch the hearts of her readers! Avalanche Dance is a beautiful story with a great story line; everything just works. It is a really touching story and made me cry several times. I guess it also really appealed to me because I dance, so I could really understand the feeling of the whole book. I know I would be devastated if I couldn’t dance. But I know also from other people that they also really felt it.

Avalanche Dance is an amazing book! Realistic, suspenseful and unpredictable are three words I could use to describe it. Avalanche Dance is so unimaginably realistic because I had a vivid picture in my mind the whole time. I really felt the story, and believed it fully! It is also full of suspense. I just had to keep reading! Also the characters are really strong and are portrayed as strong throughout the whole story. The setting is the same. I could see a clear picture with no flaws; it was great. Avalanche Dance really reminded me of the book Wave by Eric Walters.  Not only because of the sadness but because of how well written they both are! I highly recommend Avalanche Dance to anybody, no matter what age or gender, because it is a truly superb book!

I give Ellen Schwartz’s Avalanche Dance five stars out of five! Avalanche Dance is an impossible book to put down once you start because you never know what’s going to happen next.



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