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Glenn Dakin. Candle Man
Egmont Press $14.95 ISBN 978-1-4052-4676-7 384 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

What is his strange power? Is it good or bad? Theo doesnít know. Actually, Theo doesnít know much. Heís been at The Society of Good Works for his whole life and has never left the house. Also, Theo has never seen more than three people in his entire life. Dr. Saint and his doorman Mr. Nicely run the Society of Good Works. They will not let Theo know anything about the world because The Society of Good Works thinks that it might be dangerous for his ďrare disease.Ē But Theo knows that itís more than just a rare disease! Then one night, Theo sees a newspaper clipping about someone named ďThe Candle Man.Ē After double-checking the picture in the newspaper, Theo swears that this Candle Man person looks just like him. But how can that be? That night the Society of Unrelenting Vigilance steals Theo away from The Society of Good Works. The Society of Unrelenting Vigilance tells Theo that no matter what heís been told, they are the good ones. After awhile, Theo starts to believe them. But what is going on between the two societies? Theo has wondered since his escape. But the thing that has been most worrying Theo is what is the relationship between the Candle Man and him, and who is he.

Candle Man is an amazing book! I will admit that I started to read it and I just couldnít get into it, so I stopped. When I picked it up again to read, I was hooked. Candle Man is just one of those books that take you a bit longer to get into. Keep reading, as itís a great book! I was told that this was a great book for kids aged 10-14. But Iím going to say that I partially disagree with that. I say that for girls it would be better probably age 10-12, because when they get older they are more interested in vampire or love books. Boys, on the other hand, age 10-14 would be perfect, because they are still interested in this kind of book. Candle Man is such a creative book that really anyone could like it! I mean what normal person could think of such an awesome idea for a book. Glenn Dakin has got some serious talent! His characters portrayed lots of character and they were believable for the most part, although I do think that Theo figured the outside world out pretty quickly. But I guess it would have been a pretty boring book if it had taken him forever, so I guess that wasnít too bad. Other than that small criticism, I think Candle Man is an AMAZING read!

I would rate Glenn Dakinís Candle Man four stars!



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