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We Are What We Do. 31 Ways to Change the World
Candlewick Press $12.00 ISBN 978-0-7636-4506-9 67 pg.
Reviewed by Koryn, Age 13

Walk your dad, donít sing in the shower, and twenty-nine other innovative ways to change the world! Want to make a difference? Want ideas for going green? Then this is the book for you!

We Are What We Do have also published the book Change the World for a Fiver and created the "Iím Not a Plastic Bag" bag in collaboration with Anya Hindmarch. We Are What We Do believe that everyone and anyone can help change the world - no matter how old you are. They also believe that preserving our planet is not just an effort our governments need to take action in, but also everyone else.

31 Ways to Change the World has some cool ideas on how to make a difference in our world. Not all of them deal with the environment, but also with being active and making a difference in the lives of others. The illustrations are fun and creative, and the ideas within are unique and fun and perfect for ages 8-12. I love how the book encourages kids to change the world - with ideas about how to help the environment and ideas about how to help build relationships with people around us. With a little initiative, we can all help change the world!

I give 31 Ways to Change the World five LED-powered stars.




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