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Sharon Jennings. A Chanukah Noel
Second Story Press $15.95 ISBN 978-1-897187-74-6 24 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

When Charlotte and her family move to a small village in France, everything is new: the language, food, everything. And with Christmas just around the bend, the city is full of lights, decorations and delicious smelling food. Charlotte wants more than anything to have a Christmas of her own. But sadly her family is Jewish, so all they have is a small menorah. No big celebrations, nothing! Charlotte wants Christmas so badly that when she finds out that the girl at school who has been mean to her from the start is poor, Charlotte wants to give Christmas to her. But how can she when she doesnít even celebrate it?

A Chanukah Noel is a beautiful Christmas story. The illustrations in this book are amazing. Congratulations to illustrator Gillian Newland, as her pictures are just as touching as the story. There is so much detail in each picture that you just can't take your eyes away. You have to see everything! The front cover of the book is very enticing and exciting too. It really draws you in and makes you wonder what the book is about. The cool thing about this book is that it is a true story. When I read the story, I would have never thought that anyone would actually do what Charlotte does in the book. I think a good age for this book would probably be maybe grade 2 or 3 because there is fairly good text size but there is quite a bit of writing per page. But it would also be a great book for anyone to read to themselves or aloud to others. Even for kids my age, 12 or 13, itís a great book just to curl up with and read. Iím pretty sure that the moral of this story is that Christmas is a time for giving and you can always help others celebrate the season even if you donít celebrate it yourself.

I would give Sharon Jenningís picture book, A Chanukah Noel, four beautiful stars.



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