Crystal Island
Sherry, Age 10, Taiwan

The sparkling crystal sea water lapping on the soft sandy beach, the salty smell in the wind could put you in an adorable dream. The tasty smell went in your nose. You could hear the wind playing in the trees. That was an island called “Ghost Island.”

Sandra, a teenage girl who was a great swimmer, swam as fast as a leopard; she once found treasure in the deep spooky ocean. She had smooth shiny brown long hair, adorable blue sparkling eyes, a tilted up nose and white teeth. She spoke softly and wore comfortable clothes. She was a quiet and thoughtful young girl living in the USA. She had to face an exciting and creepy adventure.

There was an awful shipwreck years ago near the Ghost Island. A crowd of people went to find the sparkling treasure, but none of them returned! Everyone was frightened, none of the people dared to go anywhere near it. One day Sandra decided she would go. She wondered if she made the right choice.

So she rowed her boat to Ghost Island. After three days she arrived. ”It’s adorable!” shouted Sandra. She went diving in the crystal clear sea. After one hour, she saw a sunken ship in the darkness. Suddenly, she saw something glowing in the darkness. It was the treasure! When she almost touched the treasure, she felt someone tapping on her head!

She turned her head around, no one was there. She touched the treasure and she saw the sea ghost! ”I’m going to kill you! “screamed the ghost. She quickly took out her sword and pointed it at the ghost. The ghost fought with Sandra. After three hours, the ghost was under Sandra’s feet. Sandra shouted angrily, “Where are the people that disappeared?” The ghost let out an evil laugh. “They are dead!” he explained happily. She dragged the ghost to a chest box, threw him in and looked it. Suddenly she found out she was lost!

She swam to the treasure and found a map; it told her how to go back to Ghost Island. She spent three weeks on the adorable Ghost Island. She went back to the USA; it took two days to return.

When she returned everyone was shocked. Everyone asked, ”Where are the other people?” She sighed and told them that they are killed by the evil ghost. Soon the police went to get the chest box that the ghost was in, and put the chest box in a 100 locked prism. One day the ghost disappeared!

Sandra lived peacefully. But the greedy king stole the treasure. One day people found out the real king was dead in the chest box, and the ghost pretended to be king. They buried the real king, and told the police to catch the ghost. After the ghost was dead, people in USA became richer. After 100 years, a shipwreck happened near the Ghost Island again. But no one was killed and no more ghosts were spotted. Ghost Island isn’t called Ghost Island any more; it’s called “Crystal Island” because the water is clear as crystal.

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