Dreams of Arts
Savannah, Age 13, Logan, OH

‎ All of my life I have wanted one thing: To be a artist, but that is unlikely.

“Cassie, hello? Anyone there?” my best friend Lizzie asks into the phone.

“Yeah, I think,” I respond only to be replied to with laughter.

“Okay, what do you want for your birthday? Ya know it's only to weeks away,” Lizzie says in a sing-song way.

"Well I wouldn’t mind some canvases or maybe new brushes!” I say, maybe a little too enthusiastically.

“Ugh, still going on about being an artist I see. Cassie you are turning seventeen soon, so you need to think about the future!” she says irritated.

Well, now I am seventeen and my parents are saying the same thing. They also say that if I plan on going to an art school to forget about going to them for money.

“Cassie,” my mother says. “What are you planning on going to college for?” Without waiting for my response, she continues: “To be a lawyer? No! Nurse, wait a Doctor. All very noble professions!”

“No" I always respond. "I want to be in art,”

“Well good luck paying for that,” my mother says and storms out the door.

Sometimes I am led to think I am a disappointment or something. Until I meet Mrs. Rasheen.

“Hello class, I am your new teacher. Sorry I am starting late this year. I will be picking the most qualified student to be granted an art scholarship, so work your hardest to impress me,” Mrs. Rasheen says in a rush.

An art scholarship, wow I have to win…

Six months later…

After I pull into the driveway, I get out to check the mail. Ohmygosh! I won!

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