John the Cucumber
Howard, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

On a cold winter day, beside the American Sea, there lived John the cucumber and his family. The sea was blue and the waves sparkled. John was a kind boy and he was just 11 years old. He had very bad eyesight, but his eyes were enormous and the colors of his eyes are bright green and blue. He had puny teeth. John had an orange cap and brown clothes. John liked animals and he was very helpful. John’s family was poor, but before they were very rich because of his father. On burning hot days he liked to go to the sea. One sizzling hot day he found a fish lying on the sand, which was nearly dead, so he saved it. After he saved it, the fish was very happy, so the fish gave John a smile and swam away.

Once Neptune told everyone to hate Hades, because Hades was very mean, and because of that Hades sent a terrifying monster to earth. It was called the dragomonster, and it was Hades' strongest monster! It created whirlpools that killed many villagers in the village. That monster killed many people who were sailing on the sea. Many people tried to kill it, but no one could kill it.

“Help!” shouted John’s best friend, who was fishing beside their house, as he got sucked down the whirlpool. After, there came red water, which came splashing out of the sea. As the red water splashed out of the sea, John’s family and house got flushed down the whirlpool. John’s whole family only had one scuba diving suit, so they all told John to wear the scuba diving suit so he would not die.

After he swam out his house, he saw the fish he had saved. The fish said, “Make a wish John.”

John said, “I wish to be a very strong and enormous giant, because I want to save the villagers and slay the dragon!” After he became a giant, he took out his big sword, cut off the monster’s head, took a big stone and squashed it with the stone. All of the villagers thanked him and gave him gold and many treasures, but not for long: the monster threw the big stone at John, and John’s legs and hands broke off. When the monster was about to eat him, the fish he saved turned into Zeus and shot a lighting bolt at the monster, turned John into a human and gave John a golden sword. It was a very special sword that no one had ever touched it. John used the sword and slayed the monster. The villagers looked very shocked and frightened as the monster turned into ashes.

At last Zeus left and John turned back into a cucumber. John put on his diving suit and saved his family, who were in the sea, and all of the villagers who had been eaten by the monster came back to life and everyone was very happy. John gave all of the gold the villagers gave him to his family, and they were no longer poor. They even lived in a palace now.

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