Kirra Swimming in Africa
Janina, Age 10, Taiwan



Kirra was on her dad’s farm milking the cows when suddenly her dad fell down from a tall pile of haystack. When Kirra ran to her father, she saw him lying on the floor with a broken leg and with bruises all over him. Kirra was so frightened she called the hospital.

Kirra’s dad woke up in the hospital

“Dad…are…are you okay?”

“Yeah…I’m fine,” murmured Kirra’s father, John.  “You are going to South Africa to stay with your grandpa,” said John.

“No! I don’t want to go there! I am going to take care of you IN THIS HOSPITAL!!!”
Kirra was a careful and kind girl. She had dark brown hair like chocolate and she was eleven years old. She had a really good connection with all kinds of animals, especially killer whales. But Kirra’s behaviour then was not her normal behaviour. She was like that because she thought that her grandpa was very weird.

When she arrived at South Africa, her grandpa picked her up from the airport. Everyday Kirra’s grandpa, Steven, went swimming in the sea near his house, but they didn’t know what evil was hidden below the sea.

One day Grandpa Steven and Kirra went swimming again in the sea, but now it was totally different. They went to the very bottom of the sea with their snorkeling suits on. Kirra was so excited; she had never gone snorkeling before. She kept jumping up and down. Grandpa Steven was very happy to see Kirra so happy. When they were at the bottom of the sea, it was dark and they couldn't see anything. Kirra heard a bubbling noise getting quieter. When she turned around, her grandpa has disappeared! “Oh no!’’ thought Kirra, very shocked.

She swam around like a fish trying to find Grandpa Steven. Then she saw a black shadow coming towards her. Was it a shark???

The shadow got bigger, bigger and bigger! Kirra was brave enough to go towards the black shadow, and then she realized it was a baby killer whale. She thought the killer whale was adorable, so she reached her trembling hand towards the little killer whale. His skin was as smooth as silk. “Ohhhhh…. You are beautiful,” Kirra said in a hushed tone. The killer whale whistled to her; the orca (orca is another name of killer whale) started to trust Kirra. Then she asked the killer whale if he could help her find her grandpa. The killer whale nodded. But then she realized that the orca’s pod was not there, so she knew that the baby orca was lost too.

When Kirra was finding her grandpa, she saw a merman with a crown and a trident in his hand. The King bellowed, “I AM KING POISONAL, RULER OF 'UNDER'’ THE SEA! I HAVE CAPTURED YOUR LOVING GRANDPA!” and he grabbed out Grandpa Steven. “I HAVE ALSO ONE BOY THAT WAS FRIENDS WITH YOUR GRANDPA!”
He took out an African boy called Afisto. Both of them were struggling to get out of the king’s powerful hands. When Afisto was shaking very hard, the trident dropped, but the king didn’t notice. Kirra swam to the trident and used it to poke the king. The king screamed and let go of Afisto and Grandpa Steven. Then Kirra told the orca to kill the King. When they were back on land, Afisto gave Kirra a cub (leopard) and she found the pod of the baby orca. Then she packed up and went to the airport.

Now she thinks her grandpa is a really good grandpa.

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