Lonely Hugs
Randi, Age 15, Edmonton, AB

Sometimes I give myself a hug
Pretending you're still here
Pretending you still care.
But it's all wrong.
The arms around me are too weak
The hands on my back too small and fragile.
There is no whisper of encouragement
There is no overwhelming feeling of love
There is not your scent on my shirt.
There is just
the tears
the disappointment.
Don't tell me you still care if you won't show it.
Don't pretend I'm still important while you ignore me.
I went from being the most important person in your life
To completely invisible.
So don't even lie.
I wish I could say I don't care anymore,
But I do, and I always will.
I still love you,
Even if you just leave open wounds.
I'm just giving up
Because I'm not strong enough to hold on any longer.

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