Taylor, Age 14, Shanghai, China

Love is a very strong emotion
That can be shown in many ways.
In a mother,
Giving her child a goodnight kiss.
In a man,
Saying, 'I do' at the altar.
In best friends,
Always there for each other.
In a boy,
Watching his date for the prom coming down the stairs,
Joy and pure happiness in his eyes.
In a homeless man,
Thanking a person again and again
For giving him enough money for his daily meal.
In a child,
Innocent eyes looking up at their older sibling,
Idolizing and always wanting to be just like them.
Love is shown in many ways.
None is better than the other.
None is stronger than the other.
All different,
Yet all the same.
Love is the pure core of life.

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