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Nicholas Oldland. Making the Moose out of Life
Kids Can Press $16.99 ISBN 978-1-55453-580-4 25 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

There once was a moose. He lived happily out in the wild with all his friends. His friends always tried to get him to do stuff: puddle jumping, kite flying and skiing. As stubborn as he was, he would always say no. He was, as far as moose go, quite tame. He NEVER did anything exciting. Then one day, it occurred to Moose that maybe he was missing out on things, but what? Heíd tried everything. What could possibly make an ordinary mooseís life better?

Making the Moose out of Life is a very creative book. Hilarious really! The front is awesome too, because it totally draws you in. I mean the title is a play on words right, making the most out of life. So youíre kind of like, ok, what the heck is this book about? And then when you look at the rest of the cover, you see some very strange looking animals, and then you are even more confused, so you read the book. And reading this book is like having someone tell you a hilarious joke, because I was laughing the whole time. The story line is so cool and there are lots of amazing illustrations. And for me, this book is all about the artwork. Even if there was no text, you would be able to tell what is going; the pictures are just that great! Although the words do add a lot and they definitely made it funnier.

I think that Making the Moose out of Life would probably be good for new readers, but it would be absolutely superb for older readers to read to younger kids. And if you were looking for a great gift this year, this book would be good for someone with a big sense of humor! The moral of this book is probably to live your life and donít be afraid to be a little crazy and live life to the fullest. Another book by Nicholas Oldland is Big Bear Hug, and itís probably just as funny!

I give Nicholas Oldlandís Making the Moose out of Life five stars!



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