Moving Mountains
Karuna, Age 11, Gosnells, Western Australia

“NOO!!!” I screamed, as I plunged down, my life in great danger. I gave a frustrated moan as I fell at a high speed through the air. Who had pushed me? Why had they pushed me? Would I be okay? What was happening?

It all started when Jim and I were talking on the phone. “I’m thinking about getting some mountaineering experience,” Jim had said.

“Oh! Cool! What if me, Claire, and Brenda came too? A small mountain? It could be like a camp!”

“Great idea!”

So we rung them up, and we agreed on a date the first week of our break from college. And that day, we met up. Apparently, Brenda "couldn’t make it," as she was busy with something. She invited Tricia instead, without our permission. Tricia hates me, for no particular reason. Seriously, I never knew why. But, anyways, she was there, camping gear and all, so I wasn’t going to tell her to leave. We set out. And after awhile of walking upwards, I seriously wished I had never suggested it. What with Tricia going on about some rubbish to Claire, and Jim being all silent and walking ahead, I felt alone. My feet were sore, my body was sweaty, I was sleepy, and it was getting dark.
“Let’s pitch tents for the night,” I said.

Everybody agreed and Jim promptly began. I walked silently up and down, my thought stream blank. Seeing a small path leading off, I began to walk there, starting to wonder what we would do tomorrow. Had we brought enough food? Had we brought any food? Tricia had been in charge of that. I never noticed someone following me, at least not until I fell of the ledge with a mighty shove to my backside. And then I was screaming, falling, until I hit rock bottom. Literally. After that, it was all a bit hazy. I’m glad I even made it alive.

According to Jim, Claire, and Tricia- who I suspect was guilty of my almost murder, they heard me scream. I would think they did, unless they were dead. Tricia ran back and told the others, "Oh my God, oh my God, what do I do, what do I do? Jenny is falling!" Acting innocent. So Jim and Claire slid down or whatever- Jim’s an expert, and Tricia followed them. They found me bleeding severely and unconscious (no wonder it was hazy). They were calm and dialled an ambulance. They told my parents, and in a few hours I was in hospital with a lot of bandages on my wounds. I’ve got tubes sticking into me, but I am glad to be with my mum and dad and away from Tricia. Claire is with me, saying she is really sorry about it all. I told her not to worry about it- she didn’t push me, after all. It was Tricia.

-5 years later-

“Hello, Jenny!”

“Hi...Do I know you?” I said, feeling a bit rude. This lady obviously knew my name.

“Um, yeah. I’m your friend Claire!”

Claire… my friend… suddenly I remembered. Five years ago, we were best friends. Things changed. People moved on. I made new friends, and now didn’t except surprise visits from friends every few YEARS.

“Come in, Claire. How is life?” I tried my effort at small talk.

“Um… I actually have to tell you something.”

“What?” I asked, curious.

“Well… I am apologizing to all the people I did wrongs to.”

“You’ve never done me wrong…” Did she think staying away for years was a wrong…?

“Oh, Jenny! Don’t you know!” And it all came out in a rush.

And to think that all these years, I have considered Tricia a horrible, sneaky, lying, cliff-pusher, and an enemy. She had hated me. But she wasn’t that bad. I felt so guilty.

* * * * *

“Please leave your message after the beep."

"Hello Tricia…This is Jenny, Jenny Charli. From college. I just called to say about our mountain experience five years ago. I am guilty. I always thought you pushed me. I have only just realised that I was wrong. So sorry. This might sound all a bit strange to you…. I just felt like it was horrible for me to think that.”

That message changed everything. See, Tricia is a really nice person. She is just shy, so she stayed away from me, and I thought she hated me. She replied straight away to her message, and now we are really the best of friends. The kind of friend that would NEVER push you off a mountain, only catch you and laugh at your fear.

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