Sarah's Stars

Wallace Edwards. The Cat's Pajamas
Kids Can Press $19.95 ISBN 978-1-55453-308-4 32 pg.
Reviewed by Becky, Age 12

Blanche discovered that finding her way home from the party was a piece of cake.

The Cat's Pajamas is an eye-spy book about idioms that are taken literally. An idiom is a series of words that cannot be translated literally. At the end of the book, it explains what each of them means. Can you find the cats hidden on each page? Take a good look!

I found The Cat's Pajamas a hilarious book and had a hard time finding some of the cats. All of the animals have names that suit them very well. Like Horace the horse. This book is good for any age. For kids, it would help them learn over two dozen different idioms. And for adults, they'd get a kick out of it. (Get it? An idiom!) Enjoy!

I rate The Cat's Pajamas four stars out of five.



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