Puny Sharks
Hugh, Age 11, Taiwan

This was a marvellous island. Sparkling waves, a blazing sun, wonderful beaches, salty damp air and a heavy seaweed smell filled the island. This island was as beautiful as a diamond, glowing in the dark. However, there was a dark object moving through the waves.

A 12 year old boy suddenly walked out of the waves. His father was very rich; therefore, the boy was wearing an expensive black diving suit. He was as courageous as a lion in battle. He had long blond hair and was particularly handsome. His eyes were as sharp as eagle eyes. His name was Joney. He loved diving in Hawaii's sea side. And that was where he lived. His father was a famous diving teacher. Sometimes the earth shook because of the volcano on top of the mountain. Yet this was an unusual shake....

The earth started to shake harder and harder; the volcano on top of the island was rolling like a tiger. The ground caved in to gigantic holes. Lava flooded out the cracks. Strangely, the lava had puny things moving in it.

Joney wanted to help the people. Then he remembered the stories that his grandfather used to tell him. It was happening. Earth creaking, lava flooding out. It was all in his stories. His stories were all TRUE! Then he suddenly remembered about the map. There was a very old map under his bed. The map that could stop all these disasters. Because it did in the stories. He rushed back to his house and called his friends Sally and Peter. They all loved diving in the sea. They always dived together. Joney shouted, “Time for another adventure!’’

“Yeah!” Sally and Peter shouted back.

“Meet me at my room and, take your diving suit,” replied Joney.

They started the adventure at the Hawaii sea side. The ground was full of cracks.

They had to walk carefully. When they had dived into the water, they were shocked. The sea bed was full of fish bodies and sharks. “Can we go back? It is scary here. It’s full of blood,” asked Sally.

“No we can’t!” replied Joney. “We have a mission.” Then Peter spotted some words on the map. It said: You have to find the key and put it back into the hole so they can stop eating.

“What do "they" and "stop eating" mean?” asked Peter.

“I don’t know yet, but I’m sure we will find out,” replied Joney.

“Is that the key!” shouted Sally. They picked the key up. The next second they heard Peter screaming.

“HELP, Help!” screamed Peter. Tiny things were swimming around him. One of them bit Joney. He picked it up and saw it. It was puny sharks with leg, hand and feet also holding a knife. “A~!” cried Peter. The puny sharks had bitten off his leg. Sally and Joney had to leave him and put the key in to the hole. The sharks followed until they reached a rock. There was nowhere to go. The sharks were getting closer and closer. “We’re dead!” whispered Joney.

“No, we're not!” replied Sally. Suddenly a huge rock from the volcano landed on the sharks. They were saved by a rock. Then they saw the hole on top of them. They put the key in, then it disappeared; meanwhile, the ground stopped rolling and creaking.

They found this was all happening because the key fell out of the hole. They sent Peter to the hospital. Everybody went back to their family. Six years later, Peter, Sally and Joney got together and opened a diving school. They were even more successful than Joney’s father because they had saved Hawaii and they had many customers.

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