Sea of Monsters
Gordon, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

“What is your problem?” As soon as he heard these words, he knew that he was in trouble again. Eldon lived in a beautiful town on top of a valley. Everyone there knew how to fight. There were three kinds of fighters: warriors, magicians, and ninjas.

Eldon was a naughty boy who got into trouble every time. But even though he got into trouble every time, he had many good features too! He had eyes as sharp as an eagle’s eyes and two knifes as sharp as a shark’s tooth. He had a jacket made out of dinosaur’s skin. Eldon had many virtuous friends, but two of his best friends were Loran and Sunny. Loran’s personality was totally different from Eldon's. He was brave and calm and never did things before thinking. Sunny was a kind and helpful girl who liked to help people.

However, they were sent on a quest to kill the horrible beast in the sea of monsters and take the pearl, which they had stolen, back!

Eldon and his two friends put on their diving suit and dived in the sea of monsters. When they got in the sea of monsters, it sounded as if dead people were shrieking for help, but the problem had just started....

Eldon and his two friends ran as fast as a cheetah towards the gloomy castle. They saw the king of monsters standing on top of the castle. While they ran up the stairs, the beast told his monsters to close the doors, and Loran and Sunny were locked inside the room. Eldon waited outside the door for a few minutes. Then he heard a small voice say, "Go up the castle stairs first; we will catch up later." When Eldon got up the stairs, he saw Sunny and Loran tied up, ready to be thrown off the edge of the castle. The king of monster shouted in a cheeky, low voice, “If you don’t put down your weapons, your friends will be throw off the edge of the castle.”

“I won’t put down my knives,” Eldon shouted without thinking. Then the beast threw Eldon’s friends off the edge of the castle. Just then Sunny and Loran remembered that they were under water--they could swim! The stupid beast had made a silly mistake. While the beast was thinking of his silly mistake, Eldon charged toward the beast and slashed the monster in half and took the pearl back. What a battle!

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