The Sharks and the Mysterious Rock
Curtis, Age 10, Taipei, Taiwan

There was a boy called Andy. He had brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wore a long sleeved polo shirt and a pair of grey trousers. He was a kind and cheerful boy. He was on a peaceful ship going to United States of America. Then mysterious shadows appeared around the ship.

Suddenly there was an earthquake. Then somebody shouted, “There are sharks!” A shark bit a hole in the ship and the ship sank into the deep ocean. At that moment, Andy put on his diving suit and dived into the water. Then below him a shark zoomed at him. He swam as fast as he could, but he was no match for the shark. He didn’t dare look back, but he could still hear the shark’s mouth snapping.

When he couldn’t hear the shark’s cruel noise, he stopped for a while. Suddenly, eyes as red as blood appeared all around him. He backed up but there was a rock. The strange thing about that rock was it was kind of smiling at him. All was silent for awhile.

Then the sharks let out a fearsome roar and started to attack. The ferocious jaws snapped as they charged at him. But Andy dodged them and some of the sharks ended up attacking each other. Their anger switched to each other. Then suddenly he was pulled back by something without the sharks noticing it. He looked back and there it was: the strange stone was an enormous sea turtle.

“Hello,” whispered the turtle.

“Hello,” Andy sighed. After a few seconds he asked, “You can talk?!” Andy was awestruck.

But the turtle didn’t say a word; it just smiled.

At long last they reached land. He thanked the turtle and said goodbye.

He rushed to the hotel and went to his room. He went to shower himself and went right to bed.

Andy was no longer poor. He lived in a warm cozy house with a fireplace. He went to work everyday except on weekends.

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