One Squeaky Mouse
Ellena, Age 9, Shanghai, China

‎Hi, nice to meet you.

I'm Lily Lola and I'm one squeaky mouse! This is the very first story I've written! I work at the Squeaky Daily company. I write newspapers and books. I have a sister called Lolly Lola. Lolly used to work with me, but, unfortunately, she died in a car-case. A car-case is a case where a mouse gets hit by a car. It usually happens when you're in Big Waves Island. No one knows why but me. I have been a spy for the last two years. That time, I had been working for a spy master. Well, I have no time to jibber-jabber. I'll tell you my story of what happened the very day Lolly died and the next few days...

It was a very fine day. It was sunny and lots of people were in the swimming pool. Lolly went to buy some drinks. I was going to die of thirst, when suddenly I heard a squeaky scream. It sounded like Lolly's scream. I dragged myself to the place where the scream came from. I panicked. My heartbeat just got faster and faster when I saw puddles of blood from a body. The body looked pale, like if a vampire sucked out all the blood. I bent down closer to have a look at the pale face. It was my dear sister Lolly's face. She looked like she was about to scream miserably and shout for help. She looked dead and she was dead.

They took her corpse to a graveyard to bury her pale, white body. I wore my black dress and I took a few red roses which were still fresh and smiling like they didn't know the gardener was dead. Red roses were Lolly's favourite flowers. I used to like red, but now I don't like the colour red now because the colour red is the colour of death and blood. I threw all my red things out except for the red things Lolly gave me for my birthday present. Now I regret fighting with Lolly in the olden days. Lolly left all her belongings to me. Did you read enough? Getting freaked out? Well, if you are really freaked out, stop reading immediately. It's going to become way more freaky and dreadful...

The very next day was a very half dreadful and half happy day. The dreadful part was in the morning. Lolly, who was older than me, always cooked breakfast. I only made snacks and smoothies in summer. In winter, I made the hot chocolates and s'mores. Anyway, I tried cooking eggs and bacon, but I failed. I burnt the eggs and the bacon was hard as rock. I just grabbed a cheese burger from the fridge and began to eat that with milk. Too bad there was no milk left. I had thrown it out because it was out of date. It was last year's! I went outside to have a look at the weather. The weather was sunny. I decided to have cheesecake from the "Cheese Dreams" bakery for lunch. I thought it was a very sunny day, so I decided to go to the beach and just relax under the bright sun.

I arrived at the "Cheese Sand" beach. I was getting all my things ready when a dark figure took me into her car. She dumped all my things beside me. I could tell it was a girl-mouse because she had dazzling blonde hair just like me! I took off her mask. The face I saw was my cousin's face, Lilly. "Lilly! What are you doing? I thought you were Lolly's ghost or something!" I said with a scowl on my face. "Geez, cous, I thought Lolly already told you!" Lilly answered with a grin on her face. "Tell me what? Spying and stuff?" I asked with a curious face. Lilly didn't answer. All she did was park the car with a "I-don't-want-to-explain" scowl. I realized that she was a spy master and I was a student.

The next day, I trained with Lily. All the time I read books about spies, practiced my moves and studied spy gadgets. That night I woke up because there was a engine sound coming from outside. I changed into my spy clothes and grabbed a few gadgets: a ball pen net, a sound detector, and a "blend with the background" jacket. I went outside, wearing my jacket. I saw the same mouse who was driving the truck which hit Lolly. He looked more like a burglar than a truck driver. He was holding a piece of paper which looked like a plan. It said: Lolly Lola killed--extra money. So I finally solved it! That mouse had planned to kill anyone who walked across "I Love Cheese" road. I knew why! He was a murderer! He got money for killing people from Dr Moneydreams! I threw the ball pen net towards him. He got trapped and I called the police. The police put him and Dr Moneydreams into prison! Hurray!

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