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Adam Gopnik. The Steps across the Water
Doubleday $21.95 ISBN 978-0-385-66996-2 297 pg.
Reviewed by An-Mei, Age 13

"Look--there are steps across the water!" Rose exclaimed, pointing toward the lake.

Oliver and his father stopped playing catch.

"Where?" asked Oliver.

"Right there! Look! Right there!"

But the steps were gone by the time they turned around.

The day Rose sees the steps across the water her life is turned upside down. She discovers a place called U Nork, where slow is a one and one-half minute meal and the sky scrappers are so tall itís more the an eight hour elevator ride to the top. Rose soon discovers that all is not well in U Nork: the Ice Queen is coming to destroy U Nork and take its fabulous diamond for herself. Can Rose stop the Ice Queen and save U Nork?

This book is absolutely amazing. He put so much detail into U Nork you could close your eyes and be in U Nork, from the hustle and bustle to the fast food. The illustrations in the book are few but well placed. I think he could have spent a little more time explaining the city and how it works. I did find the ending a little confusing just in the way it happens.

I give The Steps across the Water four stars.


Adam Gopnik has been a writer for the magazine The New Yorker since 1986. He has written several other books, including another childrenís book, The King in the Window.


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