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Andy Mulligan. Trash
Random House $18.99 ISBN 978-0-385-75214-5 234 pg.
Reviewed by Jenny, Age 12

Who would have ever thought that kids and adults alike would have to dig through garbage for a living? But here in Behala, India, they do. Digging and sorting through the garbage all day just to find stuff to sell and trade. But thatís how they earn their living. Raphael and Gardo have been there their whole lives and have never found anything very interesting, until one day they do! The two boys find a bag with some very mysterious contents. They have no idea what the stuff is, but being boys of fourteen they decide to keep it. Even when the police come looking for the bag, offering a huge reward for the person who finds it, even then they keep it. The police coming makes them even more eager to keep it. Now that they know itís important, they are determined to find out what it all means. So they head out with their smart little friend, Jun-Jun, more commonly known as Rat. Will the three boys find out what the secrets in the bag are or will the police find them first?

WONDERFUL!! Thatís the only word that comes to my mind when I think about the book Trash. This book is a perfect example of the saying ďDonít judge a book by its cover.Ē Because I donít think a book named Trash would be anyoneís first choice of book. But Trash is different, special, amazing! And the way it is  written is beautiful. It is one of those books where the characters all take turns writing parts of the book. But in Trash it just seems different, because it seems that the author changed how he wrote for each character. You also really get to know each character because when they first tell their part of the story, they talk about who they are, what their story is. I found that really cool! I also felt really touched by this story because the concept and storyline are half true, at least when it comes to the kids picking through the garbage at Behala. Thatís real. I really liked how Andy Mulligan took that concept and turned it into a fast paced, exciting adventure. It also lets you know how not everybody in our world is treated the same way. A sad truth and an exciting thriller, a perfect book! Trash reminded me a lot of one other book that Iíve read. I know many people have read this book and loved it. Itís called The City of Ember, written by Jeanne DuPrau. These two books are so similar and I hope that one day Trash is a book that is talked about and loved by many!

I give Andy Mulliganís Trash five stars out of five!!




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