The Way She Is
Jessica, Age 17, Sparta, MI

‎All my life my mom has always looked the same. You can tell that she’s ageing but kind of slowly. She has the look that would make you feel comfort with her presence or that might be because she’s my mom.

She has a medium size nose and red stained lips from wearing lipstick for many years. And light circles under her eyes from working so much and not getting enough sleep. She walks with pride that you for sure see. She carries herself with a sense of happiness. But it’s sad to see her when she’s stressed, which is one thing that she can’t hide.

Her bright smile gleams with teeth showing and squinted eyes. When she frowns, she tends to cry and close her eyes, but it only takes a short time to make her happy again. And when you surprise her, she gasps with wide eyes and eyebrows raised to her highest extent.

No matter how she looks or feels, you can see it by the way she walks, and talks and how her eyes form between each mood. No matter what she does, she still is proud of who she is and what she’s done.

And I know that my family is proud of who she is.

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