Oh, Canada
Mikaela, Age 14, Tempe, AZ

As my heart pounded and my veins raced with adrenaline, I began to feel the plane increase in speed. Further down the runway, we rolled and finally rose off the ground, leaving the airport and my family behind. This happened to be my first flying experience, and I was being accompanied by my grandma and my little sister. Our destination was Canada, a place I had always wanted to visit because that is where my dad grew up. My summer adventure had just begun.

Once I had ridden in the airplane for several hours, I realized it was not as exhilarating as I had anticipated. Being in the sky felt no different than driving in a car. Either way, you eventually become bored. However, to our advantage, we were not traveling too far a distance and our flight was almost over. We start to descend and make our way to the distinct clearing below. Further we fell until we landed back on earth with a forceful jolt. The plane continued to zip forward on the track, gradually decreasing in speed. Bubbling over with anxiety to see my grandpa and tour the countryside, I jumped out of my seat and rushed toward the exit. There my grandpa was waiting with his arms opened wide ready to grasp me as I burst toward him. At last, the fist length of my trip was completed.

As we drove to the campsite where we would be staying, I was filled with astonishment. Looking out the window, I saw an abundance of farm land with rarely any sort of buildings, which normally take up all the space in the city. When we arrived at the motorhome, I saw our camp set up next to the lake. As soon as the truck strained to a stop, my sister and I sprinted down to the water but suddenly retreated because it was filled with algae. Despite the appearance of the Killarney water looking nothing like our pool, we gathered our guts and swam anyways. During the time we spent there, our activity consisted of touring the places where my grandparents and dad lived, taking pictures, golfing and driving the carts around, playing games at camp, and lighting cat tails around the fire. We busied ourselves to make the most memorable vacation possible.

Since we were having such a good time, the last day came quickly. Filled with sadness and a desire to stay longer, we slowly packed our belongings and headed toward the airport that we arrived at a week prior. Hesitantly leaving the place we always wanted to visit, my little sister and I boarded the plane leaving our teary grandparents. During the flight, I thought about all the fun we had together yet began to feel excited to see my parents and tell them about our adventure. Even though we were quite exhausted when the plane landed, we hurried to meet my waiting family members. Each displaying an overjoyed smile, we reunited and caught up on the latest news. It sure felt good to be home.

My vacation to Canada influenced me in the following ways. First, this trip out of the United States allowed me to explore my heritage and get an idea about the area where my dad used to live. Secondly, since we traveled alone, it allowed us to really get to know our grandparents to a deeper degree. Not only did my sister and I bond with my grandparents but with each other as well. Overall, going to Canada was a positive experience and well worth my summer break.

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