Ode to Chocolate
Becci, Age 15, Colorado Springs, CO

Many a tough day you have helped
Me get through,
You mend the broken hearts
With your sweet and gentle taste,
You smooth over the cracks in
One’s broken heart and mend them
To last another day,
For this you are loved all over the
World, by men and women alike,
You ease the sorrow in one’s life
With your reassuring warmth,
The beautiful sight
Of a small box filled with sweets
Of all shades of brown, fills me with delight,
Dark, light, and even white chocolate tempt me
As I reach into the box
And feel the creamy bundles of joy
Smooth and shiny
Your sweet aroma fills my nose
As I bite into you,
Your rich taste covers my tongue,
My taste buds in sweet bliss,
They scream for more,
I reach into the box
But alas the box is empty.

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