The First Kite
Joshua, Age 12, Surrey, BC

I slowly awakened. I opened my eyes and tried to see, but everything was blurred. I closed my eyes and listened. I heard a tinkering noise of a screwdriver, a banging of a hammer. I took in a deep breath and I smelled a sweet scent of cinnamon and myrrh. I licked my lips and I tasted a salty warm taste in the air. There was a flurry of movement all along my body yet I was not moving. I burst open my eyes. Now I saw the flickering flames of a fire. I seemed to be in a workshop. I looked down at my bright red wings and I saw a small sign attached to my left wing. “Kite $6.99.” I looked up and I saw a small little orange girl that had a small dimpled face. She had a chubby neck and body, but not very chubby. She was very short and had a small orange skirt with oranges daisies scattered all over it.

She went over to me and whispered, “You’ll be the best kite ever, fly well and high for all to see. It’s time for your first flight.” She led me outside, and a swirl of colors hit me. A mass vortex of green, orange, and grey hit me. I looked closer, and I saw two cities. One green, one orange. The grey shape turned out to be a gigantic wall towering over me as I floated gently above the ground. I felt a little tug on my silver line, and I felt the wind rush over me like a breeze in a meadow, and then I lifted up.

I looked around my surroundings. There was no more ground, no more gravity, I was totally free. I glided around the clouds, and I took in a deep breath. All was below me. I felt like a king. I spun over to the right, and I saw the green city, the orange city, and the thick grey wall. All of them looked like blobs to me. I looked up and I saw a large, ominous, black figure looming over me. I started praying that the wind would stop blowing, but it didn’t, and it pushed me straight through the heart of the clouds.

I looked around and I coughed. I was blinded. I twisted around in terror, but it was no use. No matter how much I twisted and turned, I could not move. I was scared and confused. Then a bright light flashed in an arc all around me, a great booming noise louder than a thousand drums echoed all around me. Suddenly the yellow flash hit me right in the back. I screamed in agony and I heard a tearing sound. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move, I couldn't see. Amidst all the chaos, I felt a great tug pull me out of the cloud. As my mind slowly flickered, I saw a wondrous sight. Hundreds, maybe thousands of kites were all floating in the air, waving their majestic emerald wings spinning in circles. They rose past the horizon, and through the sky. I saw many colors all around me, then I majestically fell down. I kept that scene in my head until I blacked out.

When I awoke, I looked into the small, scrawny face of my owner. This time she has two curled braids on both sides of her head. She has huge orange shining eyes filled with tears of happiness. I think about all that has happened to me. I think about the thunderstorm, the flight, and the glorious march of the kites. I focus my mind on that memory and I slowly close my eyelids concentrating on the glorious memory.

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