Justin, Age 12, Surrey, BC
Freedom, I forgot the meaning of that word. Forced to work as a slave all my life. Hit, cursed and yelled at. I’m twelve with no future. I am stuck in this world that I live in. I hope that one day I will finally be able to…

“Jacob Cassidy Lee, stop writing your book and come down!” my mom hollers.

Groan. I get up and walk slowly out of my room and walk downstairs. I meet my excited mother and bored sister in the kitchen. “What’s up?”

“Your brother’s graduating from grade one! I-”

“Mom, Bill’s only moving up a grade. It technically isn’t graduating,” I interrupt my mom. I’m about to leave when…

“Jacob! At least hear what I have to say,” my excited mother pleads.

“Oh, alright.” I sit back down on my chair.

“Anyway, I was thinking that we should have a party! Also-“

I tune my mother’s voice out. Ever since my brother turned six my mother has literally worshiped him. I really am getting tired of hearing that. All I want to do is write my book. It’s going to be the best. My dream is to publish it and become world famous. The story is about a boy who is African and in slavery. He looks for ways to run away. The only thing is too have freedom. That’s what the book is called "Freedom." Great, right? I can picture myself with the finished book. Also…

I am taken out of my thoughts because of my mother’s voice.

“Do you understand?” she asks.

“Yep, I got it. So I hide and Jacob turns the light off and we say 'Surprise,' right?” my sister asks.

“Exactly!” my mother answers, clearly pleased.

I hear a knock and I run to turn the lights off. My sister hides behind the door. My mother finally opens the door and I flick the lights on and we all say, “Surprise!” Bill however is crying and my mother hugs him. Taking this advantage I quickly run up and enter my room. I start writing again.

Today was my master’s son’s birthday. He came crying though after he came home from school. The seven year old boy said he wanted a surprise and his mistress ordered me to do so. So I planned-

Ten years later…

Jacob Cassidy Lee grinned as he read his book, Freedom. He never would have guessed that he would have to thank his mother and brother. He looked up into the sky and really, truly, felt free.

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