Taylor, Age 14, Shanghai, China

Is too short to
Just live.
You have to really live it.
You have to
Make friends
Be creative
Fly on a plane.
Do anything you want.
Be anything you want to be.
A lawyer
A photographer
A writer.
You have to learn when to let go
And when to hold on.
When to relax
And when to rush.
When to be your own, free person
And when to follow the rules.
Can be a wonderful thing.
You just have to go with it.
You have to value it.
You have to LIVE it.
Every year,
Every month,
Every week,
Every day,
Every hour,
Every minute,
Every second,
Is precious.
You have to treat it like the gemstone it is,
And if you do that
You can never go wrong
With life.

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