Mount LOVE Story
Ellena, Age 9, Shanghai, China

Once upon a time there was a girl named Amelia with the most beautiful hair in the world. Unfortunately, she was very sad because her one heart’s desire was to have a lollipop.

An old witch in her town named Ginerva told her that she could find a lollipop at the top of Mount LOVE. Our hero was filled with hope so she went home and got Annie, her pet gorilla, and together they headed off into the forest below the mountain. The forest was dark and creepy and gave Amelia and Annie the heebie-jeebies, and it wasn’t long before they both started hearing rustling noises. They were coming from a nearby flesh-eating-plant. Before they could run away, a gruesome monster jumped out of the flesh-eating-plant, nearly scaring them to death!

“I am the mighty Boldermort! If you wish to pass you must answer three questions,” it said.

“But we don’t have time,” Amelia cried. “We’re trying to get to the top of Mount LOVE.”

“Tough ducks to you,” Boldermort cried. “Answer my questions or go back home. First, could you fit a wand in your mouth?”

“That’s a silly question!” Amelia said. “I guess I could if I had to!”

“Ha!” Boldermort laughed. “You’re right! You have a huge mouth. Now, answer me this. How many sushis could you eat in one sitting?”

“Well, I don’t care much for sushi but if I had to I could probably eat thirty-four.”

The monster laughed even harder. “What does your pet’s hair smell like?”

“I don’t know. Why you would care? It smells like your socks.”

The monster realized our hero was honest and true and allowed her to pass. So, Amelia and Annie went farther into the woods until they came to a clearing. There, on a pedestal, sat a wand. “Well, that’s weird,” Amelia said. “That monster was just talking about one of these. I suppose I should take it. It might be helpful later on, though I don’t know how.”

So Amelia and her trusty pet, Annie, set off again and found themselves at the base of Mount LOVE. There they found a rope-ladder and used it to scale the mountain. They struggled for 289 days and 162 nights. All the time they were attacked by giant cobras and enormous flying chocolate-frosting-with-fruits-on-top cake with pinky greeny bluey red tentacles and spotty hand. But, finally, they got to the top of the mountain. It was a good thing, too, because they were both ready to give up and go back home!

At the top of Mount LOVE was a huge turquisey-bluey-reddy-pinky black castle with a drawbridge. On the drawbridge was a big basket filled to the top with sushi. “Well, this is peculiar,” Amelia said. “I remember that lunatic monster in the woods was asking about these, just like he did about my mouth and the wand. I guess I could take these with us in case they come in handy, but to be honest, I have no idea how they could be useful.” So she hoisted the basket onto Annie's back and together they went into the castle.

Once inside they found an ugly wolf, even more gruesome and smelly than the first monster. In fact, he smelled like sushi that had fallen under the seat of a hot car.

“I am the mighty Sushi-wang, King of the Goobers! I rule this castle and everything in it. I suppose you’ve come here because I have tons of lollipops.”

Amelia nodded. “It’s my greatest wish to have a lollipop.”

“Then you must show me something remarkable!” King Albus Rumblemore said. Amelia was so angry she flew, but getting mad wasn’t going to solve her problems. She had to do something remarkable and the only thing she could think of was to stick her wand in her mouth. So she did! It was totally disgusting, and Amelia looked like an idiot with the wand sticking out of her mouth but the King of the Goobers applauded. “That is remarkable.”

“I’m glad you’re impressed,” our hero said. “Now may I have a lollipop?”

“No!” the king roared. “To get that you must beat me in an eating contest! I hope you like sushi.” The king hurried Amelia Earhart into a dining room where a huge plate of piping hot sushi was waiting on a table.

“No one has ever eaten more of these than I have, but if you can I’ll give you your heart’s desire.”

So, seeing that she had no choice, and being a bit hungry from climbing the mountain, our hero removed the basket from her pet’s back and dumped all the sushi onto the table. Together, she and the King ate and ate. They ate for 278 days and 975 nights. They even ate on summer holidays, until the buttons popped off their pants. But, when it was all over, Amelia had eaten one more sushi than the King of the Goobers.

“I ate more than you,” our hero cried. “Now give me what I came for!”

“Absolutely not,” the king bellowed. “You cheated somehow. I won’t give it to you.”

Our hero was so angry she picked up her pet and shoved Annie's hair into the King’s face. The King screeched in horror.

“NO! I can’t stand the smell of gorilla hair. It’s my only weakness!” And a moment later the King of the Goobers melted into watery vinegar all over the floor. Amelia and Annie were glad to be rid of him and searched the castle, finally finding the lollipops! And since the castle was now abandoned they decided to live there, where they would never have to stick a wand up their mouth. And besides, they had no idea how to get back down the mountain.

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