The Phantom's Revenge
Alyssa, Age 14, Ashburn, VA

I still couldnít figure out why I let Gabriella talk me into this. I should have just told her I was afraid of heights and been done with it. I thought about the long line I had been standing in, all the people who were so excited to ride the Phantomís Revenge, supposedly the best ride in Kennywood. Yeah, if you like rides that scare you to death!

ďAlmost there,Ē a voice behind me said.

Great. I had my eyes shut tight and really did not want to hear that we were almost at the top or even begin to think about the drop ahead. Maybe it had something to do with proving myself, showing that I wasnít the biggest scaredy-cat in my family, even though itís probably true. My eyes were still closed as butterflies grew in my stomach.
'Donít look down, just donít look down,' I thought. Oh what was I thinking? I could feel the first cart head down, practically straight down, and a few carts later our cart began to go down, too. I started screaming at the top of my lungs, gripping the red safety bar in front of me. Again I thought, what was I thinking?

Most people in my position would be thinking, 'Oh no what if the track or safety bar breaks?" But not me. I completely blamed myself for saying yes in the first place. I knew nothing would break, and when you are afraid of heights, a malfunction is not your biggest fear. We swung around a tight curve; I felt like I was going to go flying out of the cart, and then I felt the cart heading up the next hill. Slowly, I began to open my eyes. This isnít so bad, I thought, as long as I donít look down, but suddenly we were going down again. The butterflies came back, and I was screaming even louder.

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