Tara, Age 9, Perth, Western Australia

It's all I can think about
SCHOOL *sigh*
Why does it have to be the holidays?
Tell me WHY?

I miss the books, maths, writing, learning,
Why is my heart so full of yearning?

I miss school to the very end;
Teachers, the principal and each friend.

     End of year, please one more look?
     At year 3 math & my writing book?

     Just one more stare at my class teacher,
     Before I move on, to a whole new Year?

     Oh, no. I don't think its fair,
     I'll properly do my hair, won't care what I wear,
     I'll do anything to be back there.

          To walk the corridors,
          See the boring walls,
          WAY more better than shoppin'
          At malls.

     I won't talk,
     Or stare at the floor,
     Just gimme more,

     Everyone has their own opinion,
     And I really LOVE school,
     It just shows what hardly anyone knows,
     You don't have to be cool!

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